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  1. pome

    good day all

    have not been here for a long time. so hello
  2. pome

    got it

    the newsletter deb and ty for the gls
  3. pome


    You just won 10,000 GG Points! - This deserves a tongue kiss! -GAIA wow
  4. pome

    not looking good

    update got to have open harte op on top off 3 aaa op not good. I am sh'''' myself
  5. pome

    hi ya all

    I am not doing good at the moment as I have to have 3buypass opp
  6. pome


    yep been there for over 5y and love them so if you can get over there
  7. pome

    to the guests

    hi to all the guests. so come on in and say and say hi
  8. pome


    good day all