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  1. lasse1

    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    As the site is sold back to Bryan, my points will be worthless and can't be carried over to the new platform, So im sad to say, that all my 5 million gg's are up for grabs. Are you in need, just ask. Lars ps kikki1 has 8 ,5 million gg's - you can also ask her for points :mad:
  2. lasse1

    we are going on vacation

    Team Rock me baby wont participate in this weeks tourney, as we cant promise to finish. We are going to Hamburg sunday for 4 nights. We will be back NeXT week. Good luck to our team members Lars
  3. lasse1

    CS down??

    I haven't been able to connect to cs allday. Anyone else having problems?? Lars
  4. lasse1

    Next weeks tourney

    The Rock me baby tournament team wont be playing NeXT week. We are going on Holiday. We will have my laptop with us, but im not sure, if we will spend any time on tournaments. Have a great summer Lars
  5. lasse1

    Where are you - oh our new team member

    Do you want to play in this weeks, team tourney, please sign up now, Ps, we did win a good jackpot, so we are in good standing. Please only sign in, if you are willing to spend your own gg's and you promise to finish all you spins Lars
  6. lasse1

    Moon rocket tourney

    We still have a spot for a goood player :) Lars
  7. lasse1

    Team rock me baby

    Needs a team member for the earthquake tourney. Are you in? If you have cheated on my team before and not finished your spins, don't care to sign up. Lars
  8. lasse1

    Im a bit confused

    But did'nt there used to be a "ROLL" of how the tournáments was run? Kidnapped - Earthquake - Moonrocket - Kidnappet - Earthquake - Moonrocket`? Last weeks team tourney was Earthquake, should'nt this weeks tourney start with Earthquake?? Or am i mistaken. Now the tourneys seems totally ramdom Lars
  9. lasse1

    Tournament t-shirt.

    I used to have a T-shirt, with an angry kid and an earring. saying: Everyday of my life, im forced to add another name to the list, of people WHO pisses me off :) Now i want a tourney T-shirt with the writing on: Every week of my life, im forced to add another name to the list, of people WHO...
  10. lasse1

    Earthquake problems?

    I can only take a few spins on Earthquake, before i have to restart the game. Any1 having problems too?? Also the site seems slow? Lars
  11. lasse1

    Team player needed

    Team rock me baby seeks a team player. Please be willing tto play all your spins ans use your own gg's After this Team Rock me baby will take a break
  12. lasse1

    Do you wanna play?

    Team Rock me baby needs two players for this weeks tournament.
  13. lasse1

    Team Rock me baby

    Do you want to play in the kidnapped tourney? Please be willing to do all your spins and use your own points. GL lasse1
  14. lasse1


    Sorry i acc. clicked on reject, instead of accept for the team tourney. Please sign up Again if you are willing to do all you spins Lars
  15. lasse1

    Is banking working now?

    I have an cornversion in 5 hours and don't wanna claim it, if it don't Work Lars
  16. lasse1

    Mega fantastic

    I had to drive kikki1 to the hospital, for a checkup of her chronic headache. Came home and saw ---- tadaaaaaaa I WON THE MEGA FOR 877 SMACAROOOOOES. What a great luck for me. Ty Ty Ty GG and Slotland for all the fun you gives. Lars :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
  17. lasse1

    Team Member

    Team Rock me baby is seeking a member for the kidnapped tourney. Are you in? Lars
  18. lasse1

    Congrats auto1bp

    3 hits on cs within 24 hours. That's great, now i hope you win a big jackpot for them Lars
  19. lasse1

    Special Slotland tournament

    Allthough kikki1's username is still there in the members area ( cant delete it) She do not longer have an account at Slotland. She dont wanna win a bonus for Slotland, that other can use. So what to do?? Lars (Sorry but kikki1 is having headache thats why i am posting
  20. lasse1


    I do not get any mails from GG, so it was a big surprise when i got an email from Slotland stating i have won 156 dollars. Woohooo. Ty GG for all the fun and the 12 days of Christmas gifts. Ty Slotland for being the best sponsor on the net Lars