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  1. Sortame

    =Closed= Labor Day Guessing Game

    Health Care Manufacturing Military Education Service Industry
  2. Sortame

    Crazy Onions needs one more team member

    Moon Rocket team tournament needs one more team member willing to take all 3500 spins. One of our regulars is on vacation.
  3. Sortame

    CLOSED / Mother's Day Game

    Roses Daisies Baby's Breath
  4. Sortame


    For those who are interested, I did not make the required deposit to win the bonus. It has become difficult for me to make deposits because of the ever changing regulations of banks and casinos. I'm sure we all long for the days when it was simple, but it is what it is. I did get the ggs...
  5. Sortame

    Easter Game / Closed

  6. Sortame

    Easter Egg Hunt / Closed

    potted plant knot hole of tree window box trellis tire swing
  7. Sortame

    CLOSED / Super Bowl Guessing Game

    Chips & dip pizza chicken tenders tacos hot dogs
  8. Sortame

    Winaday Sweepstakes

    Up to about 65% now. Moving slowly up.
  9. Sortame

    Christmas Sweeps with Win A Day

    Sweeps stuck on 62%. I've put thousands in and it hasn't moved. Needs a swift kick, lol.
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    What tournament? I don't see one posted.
  11. Sortame

    CLOSED / Thanksgiving Game

    turkey dressing/stuffing
  12. Sortame

    CLOSED / Thanksgiving Competition

    Black Friday Friends & Family Native Americans Pilgrims Pumpkin Pie Thanks Turkey
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    I am not getting email from gg either. I won a dealer bonus and played several get lucky games. Did resend the dealer bonus win through lost and found, but didn't get it. No emails since yesterday afternoon.
  14. Sortame

    Closed -Labor Day Guessing Game

    Health Care Manufacturing Food Education Military
  15. Sortame

    No Chat Labor Day Sunday- sorry!

    Just taking it easy, no big plans. However, awaiting the birth of a new great grand-daughter due any time!
  16. Sortame

    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 8/17/2018

    Kidnapped team tournament points not received Kidnapped team tournament points not received Must be a glitch. Points won were not automatically credited.
  17. Sortame

    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 8/17/2018

    Dee, I don't show that points won were automatically credited.
  18. Sortame

    Auto play games still stalling

    I guess Jeff still working on this problem. Seems to be working much better now. THANKS!
  19. Sortame

    Mothers Day Goodies-CLOSED

    roses daisies baby's breath
  20. Sortame

    participants in sweeps

    I maxed out at 60k. I understand why people who don't deposit at Winaday would not put ggs into the sweeps. For one thing, it lowers the odds for those of us who do. Perhaps Greedy would consider raising the number of entries for those of us playing.