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  1. ggirl

    Gifting Error

    Howdy! I tried to gift skinnyv ( who recently changed their name from skinnyviking) and I got invalid username when trying to gift to the new name. I gifted her just fine before she changed her name so I tried the old name skinnyviking and it said " 9999 GG Points have been Gifted to...
  2. ggirl


    This is what I wanna know! Is there a light for usa to play there again? Inquiring minds want to know! I never see any information on this and I miss fl dearly!
  3. ggirl


    I love love love 3Dice. Why? Where do I start? I don't have to worry about what game I play ( god forbid I actually find a cashout button but of course everyone already knows I have defective software) I know for sure I will still get paid. My usual routine is deposit ( no not talking being on...
  4. ggirl

    Oh My! The The Stories I Could Tell! But, You First!!!!

    Give it up! SPILL! I wanna hear and I wanna hear it NOW! Whats your story? Love the new site!