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  1. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12

    Dear GG Member, It's already Christmas Eve in Australia as I write this final Christmas mailing. We have just concluded our Sunday is Funday chat. Members in chat won thousands of GG Points and had a jolly good time. Eggnog was flowing everywhere. I dunno how I will ever get the mess cleaned...
  2. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 11

    Dear GG Member, I have been winding down for Christmas today. I have had a little flutter on the horses and dogs. Don't tell Greedygirl I have been betting on the dogs. She is dead against greyhound racing. Incidentally, for anyone who is interested, I lost. You can send donations to me via...
  3. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 10

    Dear GG Member, Only a few sleeps to go. Have you completed your Christmas shopping? Mine is done thanks to our youngest daughter Caitlin. Silly me, I didn't give her a limit on what to spend and she purchased a new kettle for the Ball and Chain at a cost of around $170. I was thinking of...
  4. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 9

    Dear GG Member, Greedygirl has instructed me to award you 2 x Big GetLucky vouchers as part of our ongoing Twelve Days of Christmas festivities. If you have been keeping up with our daily mailings, and I'm sure at least six of you do, you will know that we have had some French girls staying at...
  5. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8

    Dear GG Member, John the Janitor - AKA Mr Responsibility, is back. I had some very upsetting news from Deedeemoe this morning. She contacted me on Skype and the transcript follows: Deedeemoe: Are you there John? John: Yes Dee. Deedeemoe: I am so upset. John: What's up buttercup? Deedeemoe...
  6. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 7

    Dear GG Member, It's me again. John the Janitor - AKA Mr Responsibility I will throttle Deedeemoe if I get the chance. She has been trying to trick me into giving her money ever since Greedygirl has been MIA. Of course all her trickery and skulduggery has come to nothing. So now she is...
  7. John

    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 6

    Dear GG Member, It's John the Janitor here. I dunno where Greedygirl is. I dunno where that insane Duck has gone. I do know that Deedeemoe keeps trying to trick me into giving her money and that ain't happening. I have no updated news on Drunk Santa. As usual I have been kept completely in...
  8. John


    GIGGLE - I'm in Control GIGGLE - I'm in Control Is this the chat that I am in control of until Greedy arrives? This should be fun!
  9. John

    Spooky Stories

    Here's my spooky story and it is true. I promise. What you guys need to understand is that I don't believe in God and I believe that we have one life to live and this is it - so make the most of it. Not believing in God means I also don't believe in ghosts and spirits etc. For quite a few years...
  10. John

    GG Newsletter - 17 October, 2016

    On the GG home page we have a deal posted where you can claim thousands of GG Points and heaps of GetLucky Vouchers. This deal is in its last week. It will end when Greedygirl returns from her whirlwind trip of Europe. Here's part of an email that Greedygirl sent to Deedeemoe and me: "Oh...
  11. John


    CHAT BROKE Keep trying guys. We hope to be back in soon.
  12. John

    John Needs Help

    More Ideas Please More Ideas Please Thanks guys. Some great comments and thoughts. Some more members responding would be great. We are working on a few ideas based on your comments - so how about some more input? Regards, John
  13. John

    John Needs Help

    Answers Answers Hi Sortame, In Totally Random if you get 9 $ signs you win the cash. Have a look at the prize table on the login page for the game. In the GG Cup Horse Racing game you need to get all six in order. You must have deposited with a casino that is ADVERTISING with GoneGambling...
  14. John

    John Needs Help

    Hey guys, I have been busy on the GG site earning my 2 cents an hour and all the water I can drink from Greedygirl. Those were the best terms and conditions I could get from her. Anyway, I have: Updated Totally Random and GG Cup Horse Racing game to have Greedygirls CASH JACKPOT PRIZE on them...
  15. John

    As discussed in chat...

    I Dunno Greedy I Dunno Greedy Are you sure that you just hadn't talked so much at him on the trip that he finally snapped and tried to end it all there and then?
  16. John

    MONSTER Newsletter - 4/21/2016

    Chat Chat G'day, I'll be in chat if I can make it.
  17. John

    I may have made my biggest mistake ever...

    Yum! Yum! Looks good to me Jimebear.
  18. John

    I may have made my biggest mistake ever...

    Ball and Chain Pic? Ball and Chain Pic? Jerry Lee, why have you posted a pic of the Ball and Chain in the forum? I don't understand. She didn't come with me on my adventure into the wilderness. I did it all alone.
  19. John

    I may have made my biggest mistake ever...

    Lost in the Wilderness Lost in the Wilderness Sorry Cambaby. You need to cut me a little slack coz I had just returned from years alone in the wilderness. And I was talking to myself. I didn't know I was being filmed in secret.
  20. John

    I may have made my biggest mistake ever...

    Shame on you Greedy for posting that. How dare you have my own daughter stalk and film me. You are a very devious woman. I must admit though, when I started to strip off in the movie I even got turned on a little watching myself!