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It's already Christmas Eve in Australia and Santa is only hours away. That horrid Greedygirl has me working whilst she is living it up big at a Christmas party.

Greedygirl sent me a 24 cent cash bonus for Christmas - it was some loose coins she had found down the back of the couch. How she expects me to convert 24 cents US to Australian money I'll never know. I reckon she did it deliberately knowing I wouldn't be able to convert such a small amount of coins. Talk about a Grinch!

Fortunately for GG members Greedygirl is only a Grinch with me. She's has been extremely kind to you guys over the past twelve days and her kindness continues. Wait for it... Here it comes...


Greedygirl has had me set BOB to only 10 minutes between games and also award you with FIFTEEN Feature GetLucky vouchers.

Have fun.

I'm now about to watch Home Alone with the family before getting some beauty sleep. I've been really good this year. I wonder if Santa will leave me anything?

Happy holidays.

John the Janitor

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Pickled Onion
Xmas pressies

Xmas pressies

To Debs , John and Dee, thanks for the Xmas presents and for all you do over the year. Have a very happy Xmas. Also happy Xmas to all the GG community as well . Micky