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Aladdins free no deposit bonus max cashout $100, Min withdraw amount $200 WTF??


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Okay so Aladdins Gold sent me a letter in the regular postal mail offering me a bonus of $20 ( I think it was) as a come back and play since you haven't played here in ages bonus. So The code did not work and I had to use live chat. They were nice and gave me the bonus.

However there was a max cashout of $100 and there must be a deposit in order to cashout. They claim that I could simply deposit it and cash it out! Okay so I won the $100 and I made a deposit after the cashout of that so that the funds would not get mixed, as that has happened to me before,( with a tiny amount and that casino combined the $1 I did not realize was in the account with the new non bonus deposit and then there was a ridiculous add on of a playthru on money straight deposited. )

So I thought I was smart in avoiding that. Except I lost the deposit.. So prior to the deposit when I went to withdraw the funds I was only offered a single choice of payment and it costs to withdraw!! so I tried to withdraw the amount of $100 . Because the transaction would then deduct the cost and it wouldn't go thru I had to try again this time adding on the fee so that when the system deducts the amount of the fee I would still be abe to withdraw. since I had enough in the account I added on the fee and was able to get the withdraw started. The first attempt was declined. Then they asked for docs, which I sent in and tried to withdraw again and that was refused claiming I didn't send the docs in. SO I tried again sending the docs .. but this time when I tried to once again cashout the money that has now been sitting in my account since May 19th now the MINIMUM amount is $200 so their system will not allow less than the $200, but I am not allowed to cash out $200 only $100 unless I deposit again!!! Otherwise the bonus terms will not allow more than a $100 cashout. So they said I should deposit again and they claim they would combine my winnings and they will cash it out. Oh yeah sure they will or as tight as they have always been I am sure to lose. So BEWARE of stupid terms.

I think this is crazy. and it sounds really petty to me.... Give a bonus with a max cashout of $100, but make the min withdraw $200 seriously?? Its this kind of nonsense that stopped me from playing at their casino a while back , it seems they always had some kind of reason for a bonus not working or sending me a bonus offer to find it did not work. If a lousy $100 in a a no deposit bonus is all they allow then make the stupid minimum $100 or don't offer no deposit bonuses.

I have decided to stick to inetbet because for the most part their bonuses I have had no issues with. And since its a RTG the games are the same and I prefer to deal with inetbet and their rules. ALthough I have to say the last time Inetbet paid me it was a check on a Canadian bank and I had to wait over 30 days for the deposit and pay $91 to process it at my bank. About a month before that I was paid by a US bank so I don't know why they couldn't simply pay me using that US bank. But the check was good. I loved 3 dice but depositing there is impossible.
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