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Easter Newsletter


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Dear GG Member,

I sent a text to Greedygirl.

I wrote, "I sent you an email about this weekend"

About 1 minute later my phone rings. Before I could even say 'Hello' I hear

"EASTER? I thought that was NEXT Sunday!"

"Nope, it's this weekend Deb"

"Oh geeze Dee, I'm running a week behind.".

"Deb, ya gotta stop working so hard, maybe you could take a day off every now and then"

"Deeds, I gotta pay the rent and your salary don't I? Besides, you know Mamma Gots to have her gambling money!"

"Ya, well, Getting back to Easter Weekend, I was wondering if we were going to run a Swe..."

Cutting me off before I could finish my sentence, Greedygirl says: "EASTER WEEKEND... THAT MEANS WinADay SWEEPSTAKES TIME!"


Yes Yes Yes it's time for the Easter WinADay Sweepstakes!
In case you don’t know about the WinADay Sweeps, this is where one single ticket entry can win you $500 in WinADay casino cash! What's the price of a sweeps ticket?

Only 1 GG!

That's right it costs only 1 GG per entry.There are dozens of casino cash prizes and tons of GG’s to be won. We’ve had members win hundreds in casino cash in a single Sweepstakes!


Saturday, Boom or Bust will be set at 15 minute intervals and Sunday we'll run Boom or Bust every 5 minutes. The Advance game will give you two up-cards and Gifting will be re-set. If you haven't popped into our GG Forum site in a while, don't forget to come by and say hi! You may even see an Easter game or two going on in the GG Forum. Just click the community button near the top of any page at GG.

What we WON'T be doing is our regular Sunday is Funday chat. Greedygirl and I will be enjoying the day with family and friends. And, as we all know, John has no friends (he has family, but they don't want to spend time with him). So he'll be out in yard puttering around with his guinea fowl, kangaroos, goats and brown snakes, re-hiding last year's unfound Easter eggs. John says "they should be much easier to find this year since the stench will be a dead giveaway". I do believe many of these eggs could be older than last Easter, as he's been doing this for years, so chances are he's right about the stench.

Our Sunday is Funday chat will return next Sunday, April 28th at the regular time of 6pm EDT.


The Crazy Deals are still going and I'm giving out some massive quantities of GG's and GetLucky's of all kinds!

Please see the GoneGambling homepage for links to our Crazy Deals. You'll want to keep your eye on the homepage on a regular basis as we're going to be dropping in the latest GG happenings, right there.

Greedygirl, John and I wish you and your family the best holiday weekend ever!

Happy Easter and Chag Sameach for those observing Passover



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