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In case you didn't get it, I'm passing along Greedy's Easter Sweeps newsletter:

Hi GG Member,

Not sure who planned all this, but the Spring holidays are filled with irony, this year...

The first night of the Jewish holiday, Passover (Pesach for those who are sticklers) is on Good Friday.

Easter falls on April 1st, better known as April Fools Day.

Not trying to offend anyone, but you have to find SOME humor in all this...

Because Deedeemoe, John and I will be busy playing April Fools Easter pranks on small children, this Sunday, we will be keeping the chat room locked up. There will not be a Sunday is Funday chat, however, the regular Sunday is Funday activities will go on as usual. Our regular Sunday chat will resume, April 8th.

Of course, we want to make up for the heartbreak of not having chat. Probably the best way to get over this is by making everyone happy with a WinADay Sweepstakes!

(and no--this is NOT an April Fools prank!)

That's right--it's your chance to win hundreds of dollars in WinADay casino cash (as well as a boatload of GG's)! It takes only one little ol' GG to enter. Just make sure you've made your $50 deposit at WinADay within 30 days PRIOR to the Sweepstakes going off--if you haven't and you win, you're gonna be hating yourself. Please don't hate yourself. Love yourself.

The WinADay Sweepstakes will open for business, Easter Sunday.


Sweepstakes page can be found by clicking here

Get Lucky vouchers have also been sent out, click here to play them!
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