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Eliminations - Big Brother...FINAL RESULTS!


Pickled Onion
You've all waited long enough...and then, even longer! :D

It's time to announce the final results for both the Eliminations Main Game and for Side Game #1. (drum roll, please...)

The winner for the Main Game is: lois!!! Congrats and a half million GG's go to lois for having 10 accurate Eliminations picks and beating out the other participating members! Woo-hoo!!!


In Side Game #1, a half million GG's EACH were handed out to drone1000 and peaches99811 for masterfully hitting the nail on the head when they picked Steve (the week of the very first episode!) to be the big winner of Big Brother.

Congrats to everyone...thanks for playing!!! :cheers:


Pickled Onion
Congrats Lois for the big win
Congrats Peaches and Drone for picking Steve

Sigh was a tough year I have been dethroned cough cough

Thanks Deb for the contest :+)