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Gambling addiction


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My father is addicted to gambling, and it is ruining our life. We belonged to a wealthy family, and now we have become very poor because of his bad habit. He always loses in games because of his cheating friends. Luck has never favored him. My mom is in depression because of his behavior. Our relatives told us that the treatment over (Name and a url for a canadian detox/addiction center removed by moderator-possible ad spam ) could put an end to this problem. Can this behavior be stopped by taking treatments? What will be the treatments in rehabs like? Is it safe for my father as he is above sixty years of age?
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Thanks for posting. Im sorry your family is going through this. 1st, sounds like you need to get support and learn about the addiction as does your family. A problem gambler cannot be made to quit, they have to want to quit, and that is what makes it tough on families. Your family may make have to make some tough choices to preserve their sanity, the family funds and relationships. Start by googling "help for families of problem gamblers" "Gam anon" usually has support groups for family members as well as the gamblers themselves. I went to a Ala non (family members dealing with alcoholic family members) and it helped alot. Best wishes.