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GetLucky Mailing/Day 2 of Greedy and Joe's GoneGambling Wedding Reception!!!


Pickled Onion

Ok, so...yes, this is a little late getting to you. Yesterday was crazytown--I`d answer one email, another would come flying in...problems, problems, problems! Then Wilbur, my little Maltipoo had a messed-up eye and our other two dogs felt it was their responsibility to keep it clean--by licking it, non-stop. Shortly after the `lick-a-thon`, My Saint Bernard, Hamster began vomiting all over the house (prolly all that eye-gunga he`d been licking off Wilbur`s eye!). Icing on the cake??? Joe wasn`t feeling great, so he went to bed early, leaving me to deal with everything! And this is the `honeymoon phase` as they call it?!?!?

I won`t bore you any longer with my lamentations, instead, I`ll jump into today`s special Wedding Reception treat: The Horse Racing game with it`s lowest setting EVER!!! You can watch those cheesy horses run every FIVE minutes (for the next 24 hours)!!!

And don`t be thinking that because I missed a day that I`m gonna cheat you out of anything--the Wedding Reception will now go through Saturday!

FYI--If you haven't received the email, check your voucher. Today you've received 3 VIP GetLucky's! Be patient, though--they're still getting doled out. ;)

EMBARRASSING NOTE: If you actually received the mailing, you'll see that I'm still struggling with this hyperlink stuff. It's getting better, though--at least I GOT the hyperlink in...just a little too much. :crazy:

Now on to some wedding stuff!

Regarding Jimebear's mostly exceptional account of our crazy day, I have to take exception to some bits...

And wouldn't you know it, I was lucky enough to hit a nice win on my first $20! Enough to pay for my trip completely!! (Shhhhh, don't tell Greedy). What a great start!

WHAT?!?!? Where's my cut?!?!?

Actually, the bag was a "Dive Casino Crawl Survival Kit" for those who were partaking in all the alcohol (which was everyone). It was funny, yet practical: Disposable toothbrushes, hand sanitizer (no, Deeds, it was not mouthwash!), packets of tissues, stomach coater (some anti-hangover concoction). condoms and a barf bag personalized by the couple themselves!!

That 'anti-hangover concoction' is called "Never Hungover" and I swear it is a godsend! And he forgot to mention the Advil and Tums in the bag! Geeze, Jim. How ungrateful!

I was having a blast and was up about $600 from our crawl.

Dammit!!! WHERE'S MY FREAKIN' CUT?!?!?

About 45 minutes had passed and I was taking a break and went outside to see what kind of shooters they were offering at the bus. To my surprise, I didn't see the bus parked where it had dropped us off. No big deal, I'll just check the back parking lot because it is a LONG bus and probably wasn't allowed to park out front for an hour. Well.....

There was NO BUS ....ANYWHERE!


Now, this is the sixth year I've hosted the Dive Casino Crawl and to be perfectly honest, this year it was probably the tamest we've had so far. I'm guessing that's because A) there was a wedding, B) my mother's 80-year-old-like-a-second-mother was there, so folks were attempting to be a bit more respectful, C) Joe's family was there and D) it wasn't a crew made up solely of drunken iGaming industry goofballs. I'm telling you all this because in the previous five years, we have NEVER lost a Dive Casino Crawl guest until Deeds and Jim!!!

And just to be perfectly clear, we told every person to be back at the bus in 45 minutes, but in fact, we held things up an extra 20 minutes!!! It's bad enough to crash a wedding, but to then be so disrespectful as to not show up for the transportation at the time required?!?!? Hmmmmph!

Now that that's all cleared up, beginning tomorrow I'll be telling you more about the day...the preparations...the 'behind the scenes' stuff...the aftermath. I promise by the end of this GG Wedding Reception, you'll never have to hear about the wedding again!