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GG Newsletter - 17 October, 2016


Fried Onion
On the GG home page we have a deal posted where you can claim thousands of GG Points and heaps of GetLucky Vouchers. This deal is in its last week. It will end when Greedygirl returns from her whirlwind trip of Europe.

Here's part of an email that Greedygirl sent to Deedeemoe and me: "Oh yeah--if anyone needs anything, I'm in Prague now and I should be online pretty much until the 20th. I get to Berlin on the 19th and the following day is when the conference starts." Greedygirl isn't due home until the 25th, so what is happening to keep her offline between the 20th and the 25th? Conference my foot! More like a five day drinking binge swilling beer with Bryan Bailey and her other mates in the industry. It's a good thing Deedeemoe and I are responsible and have been left in charge. Now, just how many of Greedygirls GG Points can we give away while she is sloshed?

I have written a few reminders below of just how irresponsible Greedygirl has been over the years. Before you get into that though, I want to tell you about our Sunday is Funday chat quiz.

To share in 50,000 GG Points be in Sunday chat to answer our quiz questions. This is the easiest quiz ever because we post the questions on the home page of GG a day before chat. This gives you a chance to research the answers.

Memory Lane

Do you remember when Greedygirl locked herself out of her home? She had no panties on and was wearing a loose bathrobe. She tried to climb through the bathroom window to get back inside and that's when the cops caught her. They got a view of her from the back. It must have been awful for them. Anyway, after Greedygirl explained that she wasn't breaking in and actually lived in the house, the cops advised her to be more careful next time and to please wear panties at all times outside the house.

I am reliably informed that neither of the two cops fully recovered from the ordeal. The youngest was pensioned off on sick leave and the older had his retirement brought forward eight years.

Then there was the evening when Greedygirl got out of a London taxi cab, lean't back in to get her purse and slipped to her knees in the snow. There she was in all her best clothes trying to look posh in a dimly lit area outside a London hotel, laying face down on the back seat of the cab and her ass poking out the cab door - knees in the gutter. What a sight. Anyway, just as she starts to back out of the cab and lift herself from the gutter, a voice from behind said "is that you Greedygirl?"

Imagine that. Recognised from the rear. It has been proven over and over again in online quizzes that the three most recognisable things in the world are the Pope, Mother Teresa and Greedygirls ass.

And who can forget the time Greedygirl lost an earring in Barcelona. Her mother had given the earrings to her. Instead of fessing up that she had lost one, Greedygirl had the bright idea of replacing both earrings with a cheap pair purchased from a gift shop at the Barcelona airport. This was a stroke of genius on Greedygirls part. A cunning and devious deception that her mother would never wise up to. So, on Greedygirls return from Barcelona mother throws a dinner party. At the dinner party mother tells Greedygirl to "get those nice earrings" she had given her to show everyone. You can guess how fast things went downhill from there.

I never met Greedygirls mom but people who did meet her tell me she was a lovely woman. She was not like Greedygirl at all.

Another life lesson from John.

I'm going to put it out there that Greedygirl is living proof that there is no such thing as common sense. Or maybe, if there is such a thing as common sense, it can only be seen by people not directly involved in an incident. "Common sense is like a rainbow. Everyone can see it from a distance but the person standing in the rainbow doesn't have a clue." That must be a law of nature.
You will probably end up reading that quote of mine on a desk calendar one day. Yes, the Holy Trinity of great thinkers. Confucius, Aristotle and John Abbott.

I was proof reading the above line out loud to make sure it flowed and one of my teenage daughters heard me. She said "Is it uncomfortable dad?" I said "Is what uncomfortable?" She said "Being so full of it!"

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