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Golden Acorn


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Most of the Southern California Casino's are sponsored by big Indian tribes backed my big gaming interest, especially the Rincon Indian Casino in Escondido (which is sponsored by Harrah's Casino), but there are a couple of smaller ones further east of San Diego.

A while back John's apartment complex was schedule for a bug zapping by a new exterminator for the complex. So we had to remove everything from the cabinets, closets, yeda, yada, yada, and prepare the place for spraying. We also had to remove all pets and could not return for four hours.

So here we are with three cats with their own personalities, Lady DI (Who is the oldest and wiser of them all) and she always gets what she wants, then we have the Little One (Who is not so little any more but shy and sneaky), the we have Madea, the new kid on the block (about 5 months old, curious and fiesty), then John and I all packed in his Chevy Cavalier and started driving east. We drove and drove through the side streets,then the main streets with the air conditioning blasting on high(did I mention it was also hot), then we just headed east on Interstate 8 for a couple of hours. After checking out the one part of the Mexican border that has no fence separating the two countries we ended up in the parking lot of the Acorn Casino. John decided to go inside for a minute while I stayed with the kids. After about 15 minutes, he came out, then handed me a twenty and told me to go and play a little while. SO that's what I did.

When I entered the casino, I looked around and saw a machine similar to one that I play on myvegas slots on facebook, so I sat down and started playing. (Didn't bother about getting a member card as to not waste the amount of time I was alotted), so I started with a penny x 40 lines, hit a little, then lost a little, but got enough to go higher, then I went two cents, then five cents, then finally I was playing ten cents x 40 lines. After about ten minutes I hit something big that looked like maybe a total of hundred bucks, but it just climbing and climbing. The next thing I knew I was up over $650. I played down to $600, cashed out, and asked one of the attendants where the cashier cage was. I cashed in my ticket then left. I was so excited, I went out another door that I came in and I couldn't find John or the car. I looked, and looked, didn't see him, I tried him on his cell phone (no answer), and I was still so excited I didn't care how long it took to find him, because I had the money in my pocket. Well I finally located him, got in the car, and I told him, lets' go. He wanted to know what's my hurry, and that's when I told him what happened and the faster we got out of the parking lot, the less likely I would be tempted to go back inside and play. After spotting him 2 $100 bills, we left and headed back into town. We continue to travel the back country roads tryiing to kill time before we had to go home. We even stopped at the Bagdad Cafe and Hotel that was featured in the movie and the tv series. It still looked the same, but the hotel was worse for wear.

That was the first time I ever been to the Golden Acorn, even though John kept on telling me about it when he was working for the title company and making daily comutes from San Diego to Imperial Country. If there's ever a reason that we are forced to take another road trip, the Golden Acorn, here I come, but that will be the only way I will visit the casino. Don't want to jinx a good thing.


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Good story! You had me running to google maps finding interstate 8, following it through the desert to find acorn casino, looking up where the bagdad cafe was, and how close the route came to the border. Sounds like an interesting trip, I may want to go there sometime.
But I'd have to find three cats first :D