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In case you haven't heard...


Pickled Onion
GoneGambling will be taking a break for a while. The site absolutely requires a massive overhaul before entering into this next decade.

If you haven't read about this yet, please take some time to read the story on the main site's homepage.

And don't be sad--this really IS a good thing! :wine::wine::wine:


Pickled Onion
GG on a break...

GG on a break...

I'm sure this will all work out for the best but what ever will I do with my Sunday evenings??? I was so excited because I was just 10K away from topping 2 million GGs for the first time EVER! Oh well...we'll see what the future holds.

I hope the break isn't too long but I'm sure there is a lot of work involved in "moving forward" with Gonegambling. In the meantime, I WILL MISS YOU ALL - my extended family! :(

With much love...

LaurieK :)