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Inetbet bonus


Pickled Onion
PLEASE respond if you know the answer. Most of the time no one replies and I cannot figure out why.

Are you only allowed one gg bonus per deposit at inetbet? I must have played 1000 games of keno to be told that I was not eligible even though I made a deposit of $55 June 16th. He said
"Hi Susan ,

You already received a bonus for that deposit.

If you require any further assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
CSR Antonio
iNetBet.com Support"
That's why I should stick to Slotland! What a waste of gg points. ��
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One conversion every 30 days..This has been that way since I have been a member. Slotland has allowed us to convert more. But then you can only get 2 bonuses a month; so if you would win on a bonus from here, and it's your 3rd, you would not be able to withdraw.....


Pickled Onion
not a conversion, a $10 keno bonus

not a conversion, a $10 keno bonus

yes, i know that you have always been allowed only one conversion. this is a different bonus altogether or is that how inetbet rolls? one bonus per month regardless of how many different games you play or how many gg points you waste trying to get that bonus. this was a bonus "earned" playing keno.
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