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Memorial Day Newsletter


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Hi GG Member,

Last week during our weekly "Sunday is Funday" chat, our Roll Call question was, 'how will you be spending Memorial Day?'

I'll side-track a bit. In case you've never joined our Sunday is Funday chat, it's great fun and we do a Roll Call question, each week. If you're in chat, we'll call your name...you answer the question...and as a reward, you'll receive THOUSANDS of GG's!

Now back to last week's question...

The overwhelming majority of folks responded with 'having or going to a barbecue.' I'm starting to believe that Memorial Day is more like 'National Grilling Day,' here in the U.S.!

Deedeemoe and I already have plans for this holiday weekend and John...well, his plan is to have a chunk of his skull removed (literally). What this means for our members is there will be no Sunday is Funday chat this week (May 27th), but as a lovely substitute, here's 25 Feature GetLucky's for ya!

And if you find yourself looking for something to fill your time, how about playing at any one of our fantastic casinos?

Open a new account at any casino you see at GoneGambling (provided you've used our link)...send your proof of deposit and Deedeemoe will gift you with heaps of GG's and Feature GetLucky's (based upon the amount of your deposit). I've already told Deeds to be VERY generous...

Send your deposit confirmation to deedeemoe@gonegambling (don't forget to add the .com).

Whether you're in the U.S. or elsewhere, I hope you have a fantastic weekend and hope to see lots of folks in our Sunday is Funday chat when we return, June 3rd!

Happy grilling!


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