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More Email problems? Or am I the only one being Dissed?


Flaming in forum/rants exceed bandwidth
I played the AUCTION, as all good members should, but now I have been getting this ERROR Email since yesterday!
Why don't I see any other posts about Email problems? Or am I looking in the wrong place here? I never know where to post anymore.. LOL

Here is the message and BTW, it started out saying they would keep trying for the next THIRTY HOURS..!

MailEnable: Message delivery has been delayed.

Message is waiting at gonegambling.com for delivery to gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com.

The message will be retried for another 16 hours.

Reason: Mail Server for gmail.com could not accept your email at this time. MailEnable will keep trying to deliver this message and will notify you of any progress.

The remote mail server returned the error:
421-4.7.0 [ 15] Our system has detected an unusual rate of

Yeah, an unusual rate of WHAT??? Finish the sentence here PUHLEEASE... That's all it said, besides the gobbledlygook techie stuff..

Anyway, I am going to copy and paste this entire post in other areas of the Forum, just in case I'm in the wrong place for this.

Thanks for any help. All I can say is, thank GAWD I am not hard up for any points that the FGL Vouchers could have delivered to me! I hope other peeps are not in the same shape. If anyone is, Email me (IF you can get through the GGmail system, and I'll send you points. You must be giftable though) :D

gl n luv 2u'all2


Pickled Onion
I have no clue what the trouble is, but I've received emails for the Auctions from other members in the past several hours with no issue.

I'll PM you another address to try.


Flaming in forum/rants exceed bandwidth
Karen--as mentioned, there doesn't appear to be any email issues and I've had no trouble reported from any other members.

If that email addy does not work, please try: this private email address removed by Deedeemoe and/or deedeemoe@gonegambling.com

I'm gonna kill two of the three posts, as they're really unnecessary.

Also, I'm out of town for a wedding, so will only be checking back in, in several hours. I won't be able to comp any auction wins until I check in, later.

To Anyone who may have seen my reply. .. THat was posted here in error, I thought i had replied to Greedygirl's private message to me. I am not sure how it wound up here, all I do know is that it gets very confusing (for me) to get three to four Emails telling me that: "I had a reply to my post.. or, Someone had "Quoted me in a post." and then someone who had done one or both of the above has "Sent me a Private Message".. All of them telling giving me links, or telling me to click HERE..
Anyway, I think what i did was just Copy and Paste Greedygirls's message to me (that wasn't in the post reply to me??? LOL That would have made it simple to answer...) but then i guess i clicked on the wrong link and wrote my private reply there.
I apologize to Greedygirl, DEE and to everyone for that, it was not my intention at all.
I won't post anymore in the Forum, it should save a lot of trouble..

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