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Sorry, I almost forgot to post the May 7 newsletter in the forum. Here it is, penned by John the Janitor:


Hi GG Member,

So Greedygirl gains access to the hottest new casino on the Internet and then dumps the promotion of it on me. She said she couldn't do the promotion because she had 'secret women's business' to attend to - whatever that means. Anyway, you will be excited to know that I have come up with the Crazy Deal of the Century.

First, a bit about this exciting new casino being added to the enviable list of classy casinos promoted on the GG site. Remember, at GG we only promoted trusted online casinos. Casinos where we are happy to deposit and play ourselves.

Our new casino is Roaring 21.
An RTG platform casino with a 1920's theme. You'll find all your favorite casino games and then some. Deposit options include VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and BITCOIN.

Check out the huge welcome offer of up to $4,300 PLUS 21 FREE spins.

I can't stress enough how much we trust these guys to look after their players.
As a bonus for opening a NEW account with Roaring 21 (using the links in this letter or on the GG site), we are offering you a very special Lucky Number Crazy Deal. If you drop in to our Sunday is Funday chat each week you will know that our hostess with the mostess Deedeemoe lets you pick a lucky number to win up to 5,000 GG Points. As good as that free deal is, it is chickenfeed to what we are offering here:

1. Deposit and play $50 or more with Roaring 21 Casino. This will allow you to choose a lucky number between 1 and 10. For each additional $50 you deposit you can choose an additional lucky number. Deposit $100 = 2 numbers, $150 = 3 numbers and so on right up to a deposit of $500 allowing you to choose all 10 lucky numbers.

2. Send proof of your deposits and your chosen lucky numbers to Deedeemoe: deedeemoe @ gonegambling.com (remove the spaces)

3. Deedeemoe will award your prizes.

4. Prizes are:
50.000 GG Points,
75,000 GG Points,
100,000 GG Points,
150,000 GG Points,
200,000 GG Points,
250,000 GG Points,
100 Feature GetLucky Vouchers,
Pick Two More Numbers,
Pick Two More Numbers and Multiply the Prizes x Two,
Pick Three More Numbers and Multiply the Prizes x Three.

5. Depending on the lucky numbers you choose, you could keep winning the Pick Again prizes over and over again. By the time you are done your winnings could be huge.
Note: Lucky numbers and prizes will be re-mixed after each pick.

The above is a limited time offer. Take advantage of it now while the offer lasts.

John the Janitor

Click here to play your GetLucky vouchers
Next click on the "GetLucky" button and play the game. If you have more than one game voucher number you should only type in one voucher number at a time. Play that voucher number and then type in the next one.
To see if you have any unused game vouchers click on the "List Vouchers" button. You may also review the prizes you have won by clicking on the "List Vouchers" button.

Most game vouchers expire after fourteen days. Vouchers will not be replaced if they are expired. Vouchers should be played as they are received to avoid the disappointment of having them expire.
Conditions apply to the use of some prizes.
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