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October Tournament Triathlon - iNetBet! Sponsored


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Welcome to the October Triathlon!

It's Spooky, it's Scary, it's Tricky! Let's get ready for Holloween and Spin for the Treats!!

For this Halloween Triathlon we've
Bumped up the GG Bounty by 100,000 GG's!

This week's Tournament Triathlon will be worth:

=129,000 GG's and potentially $290 in iNetBet CASINO CASH=

Here is the Triathlon line-up:
MOON ROCKET Individuals Tournament - begins Friday, 1AM, EDT
EARTHQUAKE Team Tournament - begins Saturday, 1AM, EDT
KIDNAPPED Individuals Tournament - begins Sunday, 1AM, EDT

Here's how to win the Bounty: Be the First Place winner of both Individual Tournaments and be on the First Place crew in the Team Tournament.

Please: make sure you've made at least a $50 deposit (within the past 30 days) over at iNetBet PRIOR to the start of the Team Tournament (which is Saturday, 1:00 am EDT).

Each Tournament runs three days.