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Prayers and help or shares if possible


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Wow, read your story on the website, best wishes for Tim on his journey toward recovery, and best wishes on your campaign Stephen.


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Please visit my Gofundme page for a prayer request and support or at least sharing it would be greatly appreciated.:(

Loving couple in dire need. https://www.gofundme.com/2rr5cbg

I shared the story on my Facebook. I have a lot of good people that i have the pleasure of calling friends/family. And quite a few are some really strong prayer warriors. What you're doing is awesome!!!! Will definitely keep prayers going up for this couple.


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Help still needed.

Help still needed.

I have a Question for everyone...Why is it that when you start a funds page for someone that really needs support and it is shared to over 25 peoples facebook pages and that probably totals over 15,000 people have seen it and you can only manage to get 1-$25 donation? I see where people are getting $1000s of dollars for their dog with a broken leg or something crazy, but when there is a serious need you cant get help from anyone.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Please no rude comments, thank you.