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Problems with Conversion


Fried Onion
I am having problems redeeming my gg's to my Slotland coversation account. Let me explain:

Steps to Casino Conversion

Go to bank withdrawal amount needed 2500
Go to Conversion Casino and check mark conversion then save
Once I click on the save button, It then goes to the top of the page that says conversion and under that it tells you your gg point balance.
Usually after I hit the save button, my gg point balance still has the 2500 point balance still. So I go back to conversion casino and click on the save button again, sometimes I have to do this 5 or 6 times until my balance says 100. Then I know that it went through.
Today I am trying to do a conversion for Slotland and it is not going through at all. my balance is staying the same on the conversion page and not showing that the 2500 points is being taken out of my gg's. I have tried numerous times throughout the day with no luck. I have refreshed the page and have taken the save button on and off to start over and it is not going through. i have also noticed that my gg point balance is not going back to the default of 1999 example: my gg point balance is 10,680 and has not gone down to the 1999 at all this has been going on for about almost a week now. Can you please help me with this matter, as I am unable to make a conversion at this time. Thank you Brigitte Miller aka. LuckeeB


Fried Onion
Ctrl Alt Del

Ctrl Alt Del

Works every time!!

Kidding. The problem... that you explained perfectly i gotta say...Is one that everyone is experiencing. DeeDee and the techs are aware of the problem. Im pretty sure there is a thread by her addressing the unfortunate situation. The good news is....You can play the games here on the site with a larger than life gg balance...(im not sure if thats really good news or not) Seriously though...I...we all...feel your pain. Hopefully they will get it straightened out soon before the revolution begins!!!
Best of Luck,


Pickled Onion
Update...My conversion went through, but my points did not replenish, woke up to out of ggs on cash salad, tried another conversion and it did not go through :( Update...conversion went thru:)
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