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Pickled Onion
Since Deedeemoe is away today, I've decided to start the Sunday festivities early. Deeds is really the Scrooge around here. I've asked her multiple times to start things early, but Deeds gives me the 'what-for' and makes me sit in a corner for an hour-long time-out. She really is a hard-a$$! :mad:

Anyhow, for your Sunday pleasure, please enjoy 2 up-cards in the Advance game, 5-minute Boom or Bust and your Gifting has now been re-set.

Hope to see you in chat later today! :cheers:


Fried Onion
GIGGLE - I'm in Control

GIGGLE - I'm in Control

Is this the chat that I am in control of until Greedy arrives? This should be fun!