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Team Tournament participation!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well this was at least the 3rd maybe the 4th time that I have allowed the same certain player on my team and they didn't do 1/5 of the spins of the required spins. So from now on this player will not be added to my team ever again because it is not fair to the rest of the team that does all the spins and are trying to win. This has me so frustrated right now:mad:. Thanks for listening. Venting over.


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its a bunch of bull that players do this
they see their team not doing good so they back out
or they don't have the GG's to even complete a tourney hoping that their teammates will carry them to a pay day
it happens every team tourney
that's why we should have to pay the cost before we enter the tourney
should be able to set it up to deduct the points as we click to enter the tourney
when the 4th player does not do their spins they are screwing their teammates and it's not fair
I could name several names that do not complete their part but I won't


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Well now

Well now

Did you ever think it might be outta their control...maybe they got sick...or had computer problems...maybe a better solution is to let the team captain know outta courtesy there may be an issue... I realize it's a competition but it is so not worth hurting someone and being all pissy. Just a thought!!



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I guess you did not read Drones post Lacy the same person does it all the time
Kidnapped takes 15000 ggs to play on a team of 4 that's 60000 ggs
Of one person does not do their spins then that is 45000 ggs that might as well be thrown in the trash
No pissy to it straight up facts


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I did read drone's post ....i just didnt realize its a pattern with the same person...thanks cindy for ponting that out...:)


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Yes, it's annoying as hell isn't it?

I Hear you drone and understand. It's hard to believe that we have players like that. Disbelief is why we've given them other chances to play on our teams before we learn our lesson.

Also, it's true that sometimes an unforeseen thing happens that keeps someone from finishing their spins, like having their internet go down, computers not working, personal emergency and the like. In such cases the team leader cannot be contacted. The team captains and crew can understand and accept this. (by the way, players should contact the team captain why they are/were unable to finish their spins if they want to keep their reputations as good team mates.)

With the case of the player that never intends to finish their spins thinking they can just let the rest of the team carry them to a possible team win...
Ultimately, it is still up to the team Captain to figure out who these non-spinners are and not to accept these flaky players in the first place.

If the leader has accepted them, I think that they may still have time to delete them- provided the flaky player hasn't started spinning. There is a delete link above a player's oniontar on the team's page.

It's a judgement call for the team leader. There are only one or two players who are so irresponsible. I think the team leaders know who they are by now. Reject these chronic non-spinners, they are an anchor around the neck of the whole team. You are much better off playing three handed because you have the chance of picking up a fourth player later on. Your crew will understand and appreciate it.

If you are a team leader and need players, post in the forum and advertise for one. Let them know what you expect from a team player when asking for players to join your team.

Another thing a team leader can do to pick up players willing to complete their spins is to come to Sunday Chat and let me know you need people for your team. Lots of times we can rustle up players to complete your team.

Re: pay before play,
We can't set up the tourney system to pay before you play, it's not practical because it would involve tweaking other connected stuff like the individual tourneys and the banking system etc., and members don't like having their banks messed with. I don't think it would help tournament participation if folks have to pay the whole chunk up front.


Pickled Onion
I know exactly WHO you are talking about Drone. I reject them rigth away, when they try to sign up for my team. I will rather be on a team with ony 3 members, than to let some one in, that annoys the heck of me. I have had this member on my team before, I kept writing the member, if it would start to play. I was then "blackmailed" to pay gg's. I paid 9999 gg's the member took a few spins, and we lost out of the tourney. Tried that a couple of times, now i play hard, i will NEVER have players like this on my team Again. They straigth out pisses me of. I think we have an obligation to learn these players, that we will not accept this kind of behavier, since they don not selve undefstand how to treat other members. Just dont take them on you team. NEVER EVER. Do as Dee said, advertice for another member.