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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 11


Fried Onion
Dear GG Member,

I have been winding down for Christmas today. I have had a little flutter on the horses and dogs. Don't tell Greedygirl I have been betting on the dogs. She is dead against greyhound racing. Incidentally, for anyone who is interested, I lost. You can send donations to me via Paypal.

Speaking of Greedygirl, seriously, she has not been well. I was wondering why she was not yelling at me and threatening to fire me for what I wrote about her in the mailings. Anyway, I'm sure that we all hope her health improves over Christmas. And, if her health doesn't improve, it would be nice to be named as a beneficiary in her will.

In a few hours time we will have our Sunday is Funday chat. Deedeemoe and I will have a few surprises for you. Be there or be square!

You can reach the chat room by clicking on the Community link on the GoneGambling site.

Each Sunday in chat, Deedeemoe asks some trivia questions and awards GG Points for correct answers. This week all the trivia questions will be stuff we have written about in the 12 Days of Christmas GetLucky mailings. If you haven't kept the mailings, you can still catch up on the news in the forum. You will find the forum under the Community link.

As of the end of Sunday chat, we will set the Boom or Bust game at 10 minutes between games. We will also set the Jackpot Keno game to draw more than the 20 numbers usually drawn. This will increase your chances of winning. We will also set a new Sweepstakes. And as if all that isn't enough, we will set the GG Horse Racing game to only 5 minutes between games. All of these changes will last until the close of Christmas Day. How about that?

News Flash

Drunk Santa has escaped police custody. You may recall that he was in an undisclosed location at a hospital under police guard. He was having micro surgery on his north pole after it was over inflated and blew up. Details of how he escaped are sketchy. It is reported that he made his escape while a woman matching the description of Deedeemoe distracted the police officer on guard. Fox reported that it is alleged that the woman exposed her bare stomach to the police officer and asked him if he would like to dig out her belly button fluff.

Deedeemoe has had a thing for Drunk Santa ever since he stayed at her place several years ago. She denies it but don't you believe her. She has the hots for Drunk Santa. A few eggnog's and who knows what may happen.

If Santa and Deedeemoe had a baby, what would they name it? No, not Shocking Accident, although that may be appropriate. They would name it Sandee.

Enjoy your GetLucky vouchers.


John the Janitor

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