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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 2


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Dear GG Member,

One of the biggest traditions at GoneGambling has been our Annual Holiday Chats with Drunk Santa. This has always been a huge chat filled with egg nog, GAIA in a great mood (shocking!), Christmas Carols and of course, Drunk Santa.

Well, this year, due to Drunk Santa's bad behavior, we're having to call off our Annual Holiday Chat. I realize this may be crushing to some, but we've done our best to scrounge the bail money to have Drunk Santa released from jail...and we've come up short.

I know you're wondering 'what on earth could Drunk Santa have done to land him in jail?'.
A lot.

He's not even in some drunk tank. This is the real deal.

John, Deedeemoe and I, along with the fine folks in the small town of North Pole, NY (yes, there IS a North Pole in the state of New York) are trying to wrap our heads around the antics of the crocked Claus.

By tomorrow, I should have a more solid sense of the events that put Kris Kringle in the clink. For now, just try to soothe your disappointment with five Knock-Out level 5 GetLucky's.

Tomorrow, for Day Three of GoneGambling's Twelve Days of Christmas, I'll do my best to address Drunk Santa's crime spree and subsequent arrest. It's a doozy! Er, should I say 'boozy'?

Hope you enjoy your Day Two goodies...

Happy Holidays!


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