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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 3


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Dear GG Member,

It's me. The Duck. It's been a long time and it's all Greedybird's fault. I've always done my best to protect the old hen, but a couple years ago, things ran a fowl with us. Or is that a foul? I don't really know. All I know is that I had to fly the coop and let Greedywretch do her own thing. Only way to teach an old bird a lesson!

It appears Greedypsycho has now gone missing. I received a frantic call from that old crow, John, asking if I could do a "fly by" in an effort to find the Greedymonster. From what little I understood (that John guy talks funny. Do all Australians talk that way?), something happened with Drunk Santa, square in the middle of GoneGambling's 12 Days of Christmas thingamajiggie. Now Greedyloser is missing and John (as usual) is clueless as what to do.

I told John to call Deedeemoe and figure it out. John said something about Deedeemoe being happy Greedywhiner is missing in action. I sense a story here. Greedybutt and Deedeemoe have always been the birds of a feather that flocked together and now there appears to be some ruffled feathers between the two. All at the same time Drunk Santa is stinking up a jail cell in New York. Coinkidinki? Sounds like a case for Professor Peacock!

Because I've always saved Greedytwirp's ample behind in the past, I may as well do the same now. It is, Christmastime after all and the goose is getting fat!

I'll pitch in and give out the Day 3 gifts. I may be giving out the wrong stuff, but oh well. What's Greedytroll gonna do? Sue me? I'm a duck for crying our loud. Can't sue a duck. Can she?

Ok, whatever. You're getting a 5 minute Boom or Bust as your Day Three stocking stuffer. Enjoy it.

Just remember, no cockfights at GoneGambling.

If anyone hears from Greedygonewild, tell John. Don't tell me. I don't care. I'm flying out of here to hook up with this hot, pink flamingo. The things that bird can do while standing on one leg!

Sometimes I quack myself up!

Merry, happy, and all those things,

The Duck

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