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Twelve Days of Christmas! Day 4


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Hi GG Member,

Happy Day Four of GoneGambling's Twelve Days of Christmas! I hope you're enjoying this Holiday Season doing all the traditional stuff, like dashing through the snow in a one-horse open-sleigh (doesn't everyone?) and decking your halls with boughs of holly (prolly only Martha Stewart manages this one). Whatever your Holiday traditions are, I hope you're doing 'em and having a blast!

As you know, we have this crazy Annual Holiday Chat with Drunk Santa coming up (Saturday, December 23rd, beginning at 3PM, EST). This year, you're going to need to decide if you're Team Deedeemoe, Team John (I think this will likely be the team of misfits) and of course, Team Greedygirl. You still have time to think about this one...but think long and hard. Make the right choice (I'm pointing to myself, right now). You'll have to show up for the chat, though, to see what all the bally-hoo is all about, so be sure to carve some time for the big event!

Now let's move on to today's gift, shall we? That's more than likely all you care about, anyhow...
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Here's to jingling some bells!

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Happy holidays!