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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 4


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Dear GG Member,

It's me. The Duck. Again.

I didn't think I'd be back today. I thought I was going to fly off into the sunset with Tina the Flamingo. Turns out she was simply ornamental, not much of a conversationalist and just another plastic bird. Story of my life.

I suppose it's just as well that Tina and I didn't get to flocking around, as it appears this Drunken Santa/missing Greedybuttmunch caper is turning into a full-blown mystery. Call me "Detective Duck." Do NOT call me "Duck the Private Dick." Do this and you'll see some feathers flying!

Anyhow, here's an update for you. You'll see it all smells a bit fowl.

Following my GoneGambling's 12 Days of Christmas email, yesterday, I received a strange email reply:

"Greedytroublemaker is getting what she deserves! Don't bother looking for her or you'll be pheasant under glass!"

It was signed "Jane Doe." Upon further inspection, the email was sent from "deedeemoe@gonegambling." Hmmm. Very interesting.

Could Deedeemoe be responsible for Greedybonehead's disappearance? Could John, the ne'er-do-well Janitor be in on this? Or???

I have me a real "whodunnit" on my wings with no time to waste! I must save Greedygrump before it's too late!

Since Greedygrinch isn't here to hand out today's GoneGambling's 12 Days of Christmas, I'll do the job for her. You've just received 30 Standard GetLucky's!

Now I've got to fly. Greedybeast must be found!

Happy holidays and pray for Greedygoon.

The Duckduck.gif

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This duck is a quack! :mad:

I am Totally Innocent!​

:crazy:This must be some kind of frame up, is someone hacking into my email???