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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 6


Fried Onion
Dear GG Member,

It's John the Janitor here.

I dunno where Greedygirl is. I dunno where that insane Duck has gone. I do know that Deedeemoe keeps trying to trick me into giving her money and that ain't happening.

I have no updated news on Drunk Santa. As usual I have been kept completely in the dark.

As it is getting late and I wanna go to bed, and as I appear to be the only responsible adult on the site, I have taken it upon myself to issue you with some GetLucky vouchers.

While I have your attention I have a true story to tell you. It only happened today.

To set the scene...

Every chance I get I tell our girls (18 and 21 years old) that I am Hip Hop and Happenin'. I feel that I have to tell them because they may not notice on their own. Anyway, Greedygirl tells me that if I actually have to point out to people that I am Hip Hop and Happenin', it means I am NOT!

Our girls and the Ball and Chain and Greedygirl and Deedeemoe also all insist that my taste in music sucks because I don't know any songs written after 1960?

In one way or another, they have all more or less said that I am just an old fuddy-duddy!

I of course have ignored their opinions for years. After all, they are all female so what would they know?

Anyway, what happened to me today turned out to be a blow for what I like to think is my rather robust ego.

As many readers will know, I can't speak French. Hell, I can hardly even speak English.

The only thing French that I know for sure is that the capital of France is the letter F.

So, we were in the car coming back from town. There was myself, the Ball and Chain, the Ball and Chains mom and Marjorlaine, our new 35 year old French helper who is staying with us for a week. The Ball and Chains mom was chatting with Marjorlaine in pigeon English and pointed out to Marjorlaine that I didn't know a word of French, to which I responded by saying "Oui" (We = Yes). This raised a chuckle in the car. Being the smart-ass that I am, I couldn't leave it at that. I went on to say "Sacre Bleu". Marjorlaine looked at me, shook her head and said: "You do know that "Sacre Bleu" is a very old phrase in France? It hasn't been used there since the 1950's. Some really old people do still use it but they are how you say? Neanderthal?"

What a blow to my ego that was. The French girl has only known me for 24 hours and has already worked me out.

Apparently I'm old fashioned in Australia and the United States, and a neanderthal in France!

Enjoy your GetLuckies.

John the Janitor

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