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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 7


Fried Onion
Dear GG Member,

It's me again. John the Janitor - AKA Mr Responsibility

I will throttle Deedeemoe if I get the chance. She has been trying to trick me into giving her money ever since Greedygirl has been MIA. Of course all her trickery and skulduggery has come to nothing. So now she is threatening to walk off the job. To strike for better terms and conditions. As if I don't have enough to deal with.

Unfortunately it has fallen upon me to do today's Christmas GetLucky mailing. Greedygirl is laid up with a bad back. She claims it is the result of a car accident she had a couple of weeks ago, but I don't believe her. It never stopped her from servicing the fleet when they docked in San Francisco last week.

I said to her... I said pet, I said love, I said darling. I said at your age sweety, your back is not going to allow you to do all the things you used to. You just can't keep giving comfort to sailors like you did when you were 14. But but but she protested - it's all I know. It's what I was born to do. It's wonderful having a woman's body. Men are such suckers. I've got it, I sell it and I've still got it - and it's a job I can do laying down. My body is a sex tool. A tool that I intend using as often as I can for as many years as I can. It's as good as having money in the bank.

I despair of Greedygirl, I really do. She exploits the inequality in the world as often as she can. For example: If Greedygirl walked up to three old men who were sitting on a bench seat, and exposed herself to them, you wouldn't hear complaints, all you would hear is cheering. On the other hand, when Drunk Santa exposed himself to three old ladies, he ended up arrested and under police guard in hospital. How fair is that? It really is a woman's world.

The biggest worry Greedygirl has is keeping one step ahead of the Department of Fair Trading. For years they have been trying to find out how she can have something, sell it, and yet still have it. In their opinion she must be ripping off some poor unsuspecting male members of the public.

So, with all of the above in mind, with Greedygirl out of action coz of her bad back, and Drunk Santa arrested for exposing himself to old ladies, and Deedeemoe threatening strike action, we are going to give the GoneGambling Christmas chat a miss this year. We will of course have a few surprises for our members over Christmas, so you won't miss out.

Stay tuned for more about our Christmas surprises over the next few days.


John the Janitor

You have been credited 25 Standard GetLuckies with today's mailing, Play Them Here.


Pickled Onion
Strange, we haven't got any mails from GG in years, But we do get the newsletter, when John sends it out.
Hilarious, the Skype chat with Dee, about Greedygirl. Still lmao