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Twelve Days of Christmas Day 9


Fried Onion
Dear GG Member,

Greedygirl has instructed me to award you 2 x Big GetLucky vouchers as part of our ongoing Twelve Days of Christmas festivities.

If you have been keeping up with our daily mailings, and I'm sure at least six of you do, you will know that we have had some French girls staying at our place to help with the garden and the chores. They get their accommodation and meals in return for an agreed amount of hours worked each day. It's a similar deal to what Greedygirl has with Deedeemoe and myself but without the accommodation or meals. Anyway, most of the French girls take advantage of this arrangement as a way to improve their English. Why they would choose Australia as a place of further education of English is beyond me. Australians have enough difficulty conversing with each other without trying to teach the French proper English.

Greedygirl and Deedeemoe say I sound funny on the phone. I don't know how they would know? Whenever they phone me I can't get a word in. They both just talk at me and don't wait for a response.

I do have some updated news on Drunk Santa. As you will recall, last we heard, surgeons were sewing bits of his north pole back together after it exploded at the corner of Madison Avenue and East 67th Street. Paramedics and police did a wonderful job retrieving most of the pieces. Unfortunately, two adjoining pieces from the left side were never recovered. This has caused Drunk Santa's candy cane to be sewn back together with a permanent bend to the left. This has caused Drunk Santa some discomfort because he has always tucked his candy cane to the right in his undies. I guess over time he will sort it out.

When Greedygirl sobers up, I am going to ask her if we can set the Jackpot Keno game to draw more than the usual 20 numbers in each game over Christmas. This will make the jackpots easier for you guys to win. Keep your fingers crossed that Greedygirl says yes.

Enjoy your Big GetLucky vouchers.


John the Janitor

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