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Twelve Days of Christmas! Day One


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Hi GG Members,

It's time for GoneGambling to get its Holly-Jolly on, with our annual Twelve Days of Christmas! While Twelve Days of Christmas may not be all that original, GoneGambling will always manage to put its own twisted twist on things. The Twelve Days of Christmas will be no exception!

For any member who has been around GG over the years, they'll already know that one of the biggest highlights of the year is our Holiday Chat with Drunk Santa. This year, we're taking things to a whole new level, including 'reserved tables', special prizes and SO much more!

You'll want to sure to calendar the Holiday Chat: Saturday, December 23rd, 3 - 5 PM, EST

Everyday, you'll get a few more hints of how outrageously cool and festive this year's Holiday Chat will be... be sure to look for your daily Twelve Days email or check the newsletter section of our forum.

As I'm writing this, Santa's helpers (Deedeemoe-Elf and John-Elf) are dragging out your Day One gifts...
Enjoy these 25 festive Feature GetLucky's!

I'l be back tomorrow for Day Two of GoneGambling's Twelve Days of Christmas... with the resident Elves plucking gifts from Santa's workshop.

You can play your GetLucky vouchers here.

Happy holidays!



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Ty for posting, We are not getting any mails from GG, Has not for months now, on ANY device. I do get mails from all over the World just not from GG.