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Wife received a free gift


Pickled Onion
The wife received a free gift from a casino in Louisiana
This last weekend we make the 200 plus mile drive down there to get it and to play the 15.00 voucher she had as well
We get there and they have run out of the gift it is a leaf blower
They gave her a rain check and says she can get it and another gift next weekend (the 18th) which is a weed trimmer and another 15.00 voucher
We decided to stay around and play her voucher she managed to get it up to 75.00
We had 300 in our pocket just in case
We played form 2 P.M. sat afternoon till 2:30 or latter Sun morning
Yes, had to get into the 300 and lost some of it as well but at one time we were up to 500 should have left but you know how that goes
Walked out with 220 so can't complain
Going back in the morning and get the two gifts and play a little more
We are going to try and use a little more restraint and if we get up we are going to walk out
yeah right