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DEE if you are the one that made the first deposit into the gofundme acct, THANK YOU very much.
Not sure...I do know that when I request a withdrawal from Slotland (or Winaday), I have it WIRED directly to my bank account. I know that Krystallkitty was saying they only send her checks and she was having an issue cashing them at her bank. I don't know if it depends on where you live or what. But Slotland processes withdrawals on Tuesday and it's in my bank on Thursday.
Hope this helps and congrats again!!

Hi babyspet, I was thinking that something was said in chat one Sunday that made me think that you are here in the Magnolia state such as myself. I read your GG profile and I'm sorry to hear about your heart attack I wish you a 100 and 10% speedy recovery. I already know you're a tough cookie because you got that Mississippi mud between your toes. I live in Madison right outside Jackson and I'm originally from Kosciusko. Where we had a farm and ran a cotton gin. So I just wanted to say hi and I'm pretty sure that we probably know some of the same people maybe you never know anyway take care and good luck.

Best regards,
Chris Nobles
Hi kittydog--

First, welcome back!

Sorry you're having trouble, but this should be pretty easy. Unfortunately, when we added the new forum, we were unable to merge the two sites together (the Main site and the forum). Because of this, you'll need to sign up for a new membership over on the Main site.

If you're still continuing to have trouble, please let me know and I'll try and sort things out for you.

All the best,

Hello, I know you are very busy so thank you for taking the time to read this..I have an account here I started some years ago and I recently joined back in but I'm having some difficulty. the only link I can successfully log into and access is the forums, but that's it. it lets me log in with my username and password in the forum section, but when I try to login to other parts of the site it doesn't accept my username and password. so then when I tried to submit my email for my password recovery it said emai not registered. So there's my catch 22. when I try to sign up again it said email already registered.. so I'm stuck. Any thoughts on what to do? And congrats :)
:DGreat pics Bryan...I'm also always looking up to the sky..No one ever looks up anymore. Too busy working on their carpal tunnel and phone screens lol. I'll have to share some of my pics with ya sometime. Have a great day!

I found the Withdrawal button for sure.. Actually gonna be my first from Slotland. They are showing a check to be sent on the 21st..i wanted to ask you... Don't I remember seeing something about Slotland... A withdrawal.... And paypal all in the same post? Man that would be MUCH more convenient for me...Do you remember anything about that or am I going senile...?