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    CS down??

    Nope, no luck, I am guessing we're going to have to wait on higher authority to tell us what to do, I have tried as well. I even tried restoring to an earlier point in time, thinking it was an error on my laptop, but no dice.. I know the 50k plus that shows in the slot is most likely our prize...
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    CS down??

    Me too... Me too... Hey Lars and Dee, Me too i go into the slot and it says i have 50k plus change even though my true balance is almost 500k and get an error when i try and start it. I thought maybe it was the point thing so I cashed in a feature play for 125 pts just to see if that helps...
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    Tournament Games

    No pressure, but just made a team, Onion Ringers, if anyone still would like to play! Good luck to everyone! Sandie I think the teams are set, and I waited a while to see if there was interest, no biggie! ; )) Have a geat weekend, and good luck to all!
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    Easter Game / Closed

    fav color is red
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    Anyone? Need Points?

    I don't see any recent posts, but if anyone needs some points i'd be happy to gift the first ten peeps to reply. Good luck to everyone! Sandie
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    Who wants to give some GG points? Who needs some GG points?

    Anyone need points? Anyone need points? I'm not sure, but I don't see any requests for gg's, soooo if anyone needs some points, I'll gladly gift the first 10 peeps to ask. I wish you all lots of luck! Sandie
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    Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8

    Good Grief! Good Grief! John, John, John.......between Dee's faux pas brain fade, and you having a warped sense of amusing...i nearly choked on my coffee, At that moment, not funny, AT ALL! Lord, ...I gotta change my shirt now. lol.
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    Would be ever so grateful...

    Thanks so very much! Thanks so very much! Thanks for your generosity! Sandie
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    Would be ever so grateful...

    Would be ever so grateful if anyone could please spare any gg's ,...so hard to win lately and would love to do a conversion that I have available. Thanks and wish you all the best of luck out there! WIN BIG! Sandie:)
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    Would appreciate any help with GG's....

    If anyone could please spare some gg's, I have tried for over a week now with little success and would appreciate it so much! I have a conversion coming up tomorrow, although, I will continue to keep trying.:(:crazy: I wish you all the best of luck, (much better than mine at least lol), and...
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    If anyone could please....

    If anyone could please spare a few gg's, I would greatly appreciate it...Have tried for a week now to get enough together to do my conversion, but am being "blessed with nothing" so much you'd think it was the pope himself lol! (jk really) ; )) I wish everyone lots of luck and hope you are...
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    Any help appreciated...

    Diane.. Diane.. Thanks so much Diane, you are an angel! Thanks for the generous gift, I will be able to do that conversion now thanks to you! Wish you much luck and please give that cat a kiss from me please! Sandie
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    Need input regarding GoneGambling Auctions

    I use the auctions for repeat deposits... I use the auctions for repeat deposits... I still look to see if my repeat casino is coming up soon,...if not then more than likely the itch needs scratching sooner than later so I'll just deposit. I used to use it all the time with all the micros and...
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    Any help appreciated...

    was doing good there for a few weeks, but the gg's finally ran out...thomasina was kind enough to gift me last week, but GAIA is merciless and BOB must be in cahoots with her too..Hoping to do a conversion in a couple days. If anyone could spare a few gg's I would be so grateful! Wish everyone...
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    Anyone with Cash Slots Updates

    Just wanted to thank Gonegambling and Slotland for my mini and minor wins...(Its been a long time so to see my name twice almost spun my head in cartoon circles..lol)! It was great fun playing too, but my losing streak isn't quite done yet, lol. So I'll hope for a cashout next time and just...