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September/October GG News

Sunday is Funday Chat Quiz Questions

Be in chat this Sunday to win your share of over 50,000 GG Points from our beautiful quiz mistress, Deedeemoe.

You can learn some amazing things in chat and not all of it has to do with gambling. For example, a couple of weeks ago Mrsbuda taught us all that 'harder' isn't a good choice when you are selecting a safe sex word.

You may need to research the answers to some of the following questions.

--- It is claimed, although disputed, that the first bombs dropped on Berlin during WW2 killed a what?

--- How many sides does a Pentagon have?

--- Kevin Rudd was the Prime Minister of which country?

--- What is a common name for an Echidna?

--- Which US state was first bombed during WW2?

--- According to their website, what year did Slotland open?

--- When the Onion Races are operational at GoneGambling, how many onions are there in a race?

--- Who lived in an apartment building run by Fred and Ethel Mertz?

--- Where were the 2016 Olympic Games held?

--- In which US state would you find Treasure Chest Casino?

--- Is New Zealand a state of Australia?

--- How many moons does Jupiter have?

--- What kind of animal is an Albatross?

--- Who plays the character Jack Sparrow?

--- What is the third longest river in the world?

--- Which US state is bordered by New Hampshire and Canada?

--- In which US state did General George Armstrong Custer die in battle?

--- Where would you expect to see Big Ben?

--- Who was Born on a mountain top in Tennessee?

--- In England you will find the White Cliffs of where?

--- In which year did the Titanic sink?

--- True or False: Was Greedygirl at the opening of Stonehenge?

--- What is the capital of France?

--- 'The troubles that drove him away, I've got for company' are the lyrics to what 1962 release?

--- Where would you find a zebra?

--- Which Australian state recently banned greyhound racing?

--- What is the Bluegrass State?

--- True or False: John at GoneGambling is a genius?

--- In which US state was Daniel Boone born?

--- The Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January, 1879, was fought between who?


I'm very happy to be bringing a few new brands on board - all three are U.S. friendly AND all are very different to what you're likely familiar with! In fact, all of the brands are outside the scope of any software we're promoting at GoneGambling, so this should be a very happy moment for many of our members.


A no-download casino, Black Diamond is a mix of Rival, BetSoft and Parlay Entertainment games - heaps of slots, video poker, bingo and all your casino favorites. Along with some really exciting games comes the MASSIVE 500% first, second, third, fourth AND fifth deposit bonuses. You're gonna love Black Diamond - I'd bet John's last hair on it!


With Desert Nights, you have the option of downloading the software or playing the non-download version of this fun Rival-powered casino. Desert Nights will lure you in with a $10 freebie and once you're convinced that this is a great place to play, you can claim up to a 250% first deposit bonus. Please check the promotions page to see your new player bonus options - you'll win no matter which bonuses you decide to take.


WGS Technology is responsible for powering Miami Club, a casino filled with great table games, video poker, daily tournaments and more than 120 great slot games. You can go with Instant-Play or download the software. Your first EIGHT deposits will be matched with a tasty 100% bonus and you'll be treated to plenty of great bonuses going forward. If that's not enough, Miami Club has a really killer comp program. Check Miami Club out.


Without question, I know you're going to love these casinos, but it doesn't hurt for me to try to entice (er, bribe) you into giving them a shot.

I'm offering big GG stuff and the more you deposit, the more you'll be able to cash-in on:

For the first new account you open (minimum $50 first deposit), you're going to receive 25,000 GG's AND 25 Feature GetLucky's. Open a second new account (minimum $50 first deposit), and you'll receive 50,000 GG's and 50 Feature GetLucky's. Open the third new account (minimum $50 first deposit) and you're going to get a whopping 100,000 GG's AND 100 Feature GetLucky's! This means if you decide to open accounts with each of the three new casinos, you are going to skitter away with 175,000 GG's AND 175 Feature GetLucky's! Holy-freakin'-moly!

But it gets better...

For each dollar you spend on your existing account (this means you're second, third, fourth deposit, etc.), you'll receive 2,000 GG's and for every $10 you spend, you're going to receive 5 Feature GetLucky's (e.g., $50=10,000 GG's and 25 Feature GetLucky's). You can join the GG Millionaire's Club in no time (not that there really IS a GG Millionaire's Club!).

I'm just crossing my fingers that you're going to love these casinos. Hopefully, if we get enough participation, we'll be able to convince these casinos to come into the GG bonus program - so please show 'em some love.

To get in on the deals, you'll need to send your deposit confirmation to: greedygirl@gonegambling (don't forget to add the .com). Please allow 24 hours for your GG's and GetLucky's to be credited.

IMPORTANT: You MUST use the links contained in this email or presented in the GG forum or website to be eligible for the deals. If you've previously opened an account with one or more of these casinos, you would be ineligible for claiming the deal with that particular casino. In other words, these deals are only available if you are opening the account, brand-spanking-new from GG links. If you have any questions, please drop me an email at the address, above.

Deal ends 30th September, 2016


It's been a while, but the GG Auctions are now back, running beautifully! Also, our Random Prize Box is functioning like a charm, so you'll want to be keeping your eye on it to make sure you don't miss a prize!

Giant kudos to Jeff for propping up these GG favorites. And here's hoping he continues the great work, so one day perhaps, our Onions will race again!


Picture this: A virtual 'amusement park' for online gamblers: free casino games you can play in your browser and win real prizes. No kidding! And to add to all of this - a real 'small town' community where everybody knows everybody.

Join us and become a part of the oldest gambling community on the web.

GoneGambling is the quirky gem that's been chugging along for well over a decade now, bringing more fun and casino cash than can be found anywhere! We don't take ourselves too seriously, but I'm guessing the Onions may have already hinted to that!

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