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Free Online Casino - The Tale of GoneGambling

Many years ago in the land of Oz there was a handsome young prince, his name was John. Prince John was a humble and kind man who only wanted to do good for his fellow man. To that end he decided to build a land where all were welcome. A land where money flowed freely and online casino bonuses fell from the sky like summer rain.

Prince John purchased several hundred acres of vacant Internet real estate and turned it into the Princedom of GoneGambling. In the middle of the Princedom he built an enormous free casino. A casino where slots, roulette, cards and dice could be played for free. A casino where GG Points were won on the games. A casino where when a player won, they could convert their GG Points for real money to play at trusted online casinos. Word soon spread about the wonders of GoneGambling.

Peasants came from all corners of the globe to take up free residency in the Princedom of GoneGambling. For residents it was a land of milk and honey. They got to play unique free casino games for the chance to win cash and online casino bonuses. Everyone was so happy that they decreed that Prince John be elevated to the status of a King. So Prince John became King John and the Princedom became the Kingdom of GoneGambling.

All was well with the world. In fact, the Kingdom of GoneGambling got so busy that King John had to employ someone to help with the work.

The King heard of a family who were a bit down on their luck. It was a family of five women. There was the mother, a step-daughter named Cinderella, and three ugly sisters. Two of the ugly sisters got out and about and were rather well known for trying to wear shoes that wouldn't fit. The third ugly sister was named Greedygirl. Greedygirl wasn't around much as she had been disowned by the family for being a clumsy drunk.

With no family or visible means of support, Greedygirl wandered the land offering free sex for booze. It was terrible. She was eventually captured by police trying to climb in to someone's bathroom window wearing only a towel. She claimed she lived there and had locked herself out of the house. She came on to the two police officers so they booked her for offering to perform USA for reward. (Unusual Sex Acts)

On her release from prison and an enforced stay at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic, Greedygirl was released in to the care of King John. King John believed that everyone could succeed in the world if they were just treated fairly and given a chance. The King would soon learn that this was naive thinking when it came to the likes of Greedygirl.

To get her off the streets, King John gave Greedygirl a job in the Kingdom of GoneGambling. The job was to look after the peasants and to get them great deals and bonuses from new online casinos. Instead of being thankful, Greedygirl saw it as an opportunity to usurp the Kingdom of GoneGambling.

Greedygirl sorely tested the Kings faith in her as she secretly implemented her plan to take over the Kingdom. The King suffered disappointment after disappointment. Finally, the King decided that Greedygirl was such a slacker that he would have to go out into the world himself and gain more cash and prizes and casino bonuses for the peasants because Greedygirl wasn't up to the job.

King John left the Kingdom and Greedygirl in the care of a trusted friend, Squire Bailey.

In the Kings absence, Greedygirl implemented her scheme and cunning plan. She worked with the evil GoneGambling Duck to take over the Kingdom. She got the peasants on side by issuing them with millions of GG Points. She tricked Squire Bailey into handing over the title papers to the Kingdom coz she said they needed ironing or something, and her theft was complete. She was now Queen of GoneGambling and she hadn't even had to put out to King John once!

King John was on the other side of the world negotiating a very good deal with Buzzluck Casino when he heard the news of what Greedygirl had done. He rushed home to try and reclaim the throne but was met by the evil GoneGambling Duck.

Watch the movie below to see just how King John's homecoming turned out.

Picture this: A virtual 'amusement park' for online gamblers: free casino games you can play in your browser and win real prizes. No kidding! And to add to all of this - a real 'small town' community where everybody knows everybody.

Join us and become a part of the oldest gambling community on the web.

GoneGambling is the quirky gem that's been chugging along for well over a decade now, bringing more fun and casino cash than can be found anywhere! We don't take ourselves too seriously, but I'm guessing the Onions may have already hinted to that!

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