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Casino MaxI'm over-the-moon giddy right now with this HUGE announcement!

You may remember the sad news when I had to kick the Club World brand of casinos off GoneGambling? It was heartbreaking to see a group of casinos that I'd been involved with since their beginning, be swallowed up in the nastiest of hostile takeovers. Worse, was how the actions of the new owners affected the original employees - many of whom had been there since Day 1.

Well, in thespirit of 'dust yourself off and pick yourself back up,' this is exactly what most of the former staff has done and with that, I can announce the grand opening of CASINO MAX!!!

Casino Max is staffed with the former phenomenal casino manager... same stellar marketing crew... pretty much all of the previous amazing support staff and many, many others who were all part of making Club World what used to be regarded as the foremost online casino operation.

These folks are the best of the best - they chose honor and were led by their moral compasses as they each jumped ship from the old group. Knowing this, along with how wonderfully they operated those old brands (under the previous owner), it's obvious to see that Casino Max will easily achieve the love and admiration from both players and the online casino industry!

Can you tell I'm more than just a little thrilled about this???

I've no doubt you're getting excited about this, as well, but I'm just getting started!

Casino Max has committed to sponsoring GoneGambling with Conversions, High Roller bonuses and other bonuses! As they want to have a week or so under their belt with the new operation, this aspect of their relationship with our members will begin next week.

In the meantime, Casino Max is offering a whopping 300% first, second AND third deposit bonus! Holy guacamole! That's quite a way to open a new casino!

Not only is that a gargantuan offer, but there's plenty more daily promotions and should you get lucky, you can count on quick withdrawals!

But wait! There's more!

Are you ready for this?

Open up your new account and you can get in on our Crazy Deals! I promise I'll hook you up with some great GG stuff - loads of GG's, GetLucky's, etc... AND we're finally gonna be getting around to our big Crazy Deals Tournament, so you'll want to earn as many entries as possible (yeah - I know, we've been dragging our heels on this one).

Cutting to the chase, this is a moment I've been waiting for and I hope everyone will dive right in and show their love and appreciation for this fine group of folks behind CASINO MAX!



PICTURE THIS: A virtual 'amusement park' for online gamblers: free casino games you can play in your browser and win real prizes. No kidding! And to add to all of this - a real 'small town' community where everybody knows everybody.

Join us and become a part of the oldest gambling community on the web.

GoneGambling is the quirky gem that's been chugging along for well over a decade now, bringing more fun and casino cash than can be found anywhere! We don't take ourselves too seriously, but I'm guessing the Onions may have already hinted to that!

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GG horse racing - Click to play!Horse Racing

Souper Onion is going crazy over Horse Racing, as this weeks Game of the Week!

Now is your chance to win more often. The racing game costs nothing and we have decided to make more games avaialable for this week. Play a game every 10 minutes for more chances to win.