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Established way back in 1998 during the infancy of the internet, at GoneGambling® we take online gambling seriously. Here you will find the best slots, video poker, and casino games that YOU the player are looking for.

As one of the very first sites dedicated to the world of online casinos and online gambling, we gained a strong following by introducing innovative unique games, which are members were able to play – in turn winning bonus coupons for the stellar online casinos which we have partnered with.

Alas over the past few years GoneGambling has been in a state of transition, but fear not as whole new crop of ‘onions’ is about to appear as we march into the summer of 2022, providing our visitors with a slew of free play slot games to whet appetite with, as well as reopening our forum community, for members past and new.

For a brief potted history of GoneGambling and the direction the site has taken over the past 20 plus years, check out our About Us.

The Internet highway hosts thousands of online gambling sites. With so much information available, where can one start to learn more about online gambling? Seasoned online gamblers are pretty well aware of how to find what it is that they’re searching for. However, the novice may be a bit intimidated and need help on how to get their search started.

The best thing for a new player to do is to understand that online casino gambling and real casino gambling have a few differences and similarities. Unlike a real land casino, an online casino will offer bonuses for real online gambling players, free trial play, several varieties of online casino gambling software, and more.

With online gambling, you’ll never have to feel intimidated if you don’t know how to play a certain game. Since you’re sitting in front of your own computer, you’ll be able to learn the games leisurely, play at your own pace, and even be a play for fun high roller. Land casino gambling and online casino gambling will allow you to place a bet on just about any type of game that you want to wager on. Certain online gambling casinos will even get your winnings paid instantly.

Most importantly, remember that whether gambling for real money at a land or an online gambling casino, when you lose, it’s a real loss. People who are just starting out should also pay attention to all the information they read. Some sources are not as reliable or trustworthy as others. After extensive online gambling research, a player should become more aware of the reliability of sources they may encounter.

Online gambling involves the same risk as gambling at a land casino. Know your limits and always play within your means. Land based or online casino gambling can be very addicting and cause serious problems. If you feel that you have a problem or are even in the beginning stages of having a problem, seek help. Remember, winners always know when to cash in.


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Message from GreedyGirl – I have some news regarding the site and the best thing in this case is to simply tear off the band-aid quickly, rather than prolong the agony…

GoneGambling will be taking a break. Before you let your tears flow, I can assure you that this is not the end for GG…more on this, in a moment.


GoneGambling in its current form is simply unsustainable. Over the past decade, quite a bit has changed in the industry which has led to this. A quick bit of history will help to explain everything…

2006 – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (the evil UIGEA) was passed in the U.S., making it incredibly difficult for U.S. players to deposit into online casinos. Given that GG had a member base of nearly 80% U.S., the site was no longer viable for many of its advertisers. The site lost a fair amount of members and traffic to the site slowed down significantly.

2011 – Microgaming made the decision to leave the U.S. market as a result of the legal climate in the U.S. This was a huge hit for GoneGambling as more than half of its advertising revenue stemmed from Microgaming casinos.

2013 – The rise of social media was beginning to impact GoneGambling, with free games and social an endless stream of social interaction. In simple terms, many members were looking for new options, which sites such as Facebook could provide.

2016 – The hostile takeover of the ClubWorld Group of Casinos was a devastating blow to GG. Prior to the takeover, the income produced by Club World was enough to pay everyone’s salaries, pay a huge hosting bill and was essentially keeping GoneGambling in decent health. The takeover had everyone blindsided and within one month, players who were once tagged as coming from GG were de-tagged (meaning no longer were we producing income from these players—even if they were still depositing at Club World). Further, commissions were cut from 40% to 10%, without notice. In three years, we’ve not received a single dime from the company.

2018 – Fortune Lounge (one of GG’s oldest sponsors) was purchased by Buffalo Partners. Fortune had moved GG to an affiliate-based deal when Microgaming exited the U.S.. We were still making a fair amount of income with them…until Buffalo took over. Once Buffalo came in, commissions were slashed (similar to ClubWorld, but not quite as criminally).

These are only the biggest contributors leading us to where we are today—archaic infrastructure, lack of programming, and more have also been greatly detrimental to the site.

In 2015, I purchased GG site from Bryan Bailey (Casinomeister) and my dream was to rebuild GG. This was something that was going to require a huge amount of money and time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this happen. With the financial beating we were taking, I had no choice but to take on work in other venues. It was all I could do to keep the site online, pay employees and hosting fees. I’ve not made a dime on the site in more than two years and in fact, this year, I’ve lost money.

Coming to terms with the fact that I would never bring back the early success GoneGambling had enjoyed, has been more than difficult. To be honest, I should have made the decision to close things down, a while ago, but I just didn’t have it in me. I kept hoping I could find a way to turn things around, but I simply could not turn things around.


I sat down with Bryan Bailey, a few weeks ago and discussed the grim realities of GoneGambling. I was a blubbering, emotional idiot, because this was the first time I was actually speaking to anyone about how bad things had become.

Bryan, who has not only been one of my closest, most trusted friends for many years, has now earned the title of ‘SuperMeister.’ He immediately offered to buy the site back and the best bit with this, is that he has great visions for the future of the site.

He also has the deep pockets and the best technical minds, so without question, Bryan can make this happen. GoneGambling will be completely rebuilt—using the most up-to-date servers, software and code. Bryan is keen to keep John Abbott’s roots in tact—with great games, humor and social interaction in mind. And the Onions??? The Onions will survive, as well.

Watch this space as GoneGambling is in the process of being reborn once again, ready to hit your devices in the Spring / Summer of 2022!