Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Casino & Sportsbooks Complaints

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US law changes make things difficult for GoneGambling

First off we have to say that most problems players have are usually caused by the players themselves. Players rarely ever read the rules and if they do they then choose to ignore them. We know this happens, we run several free games on this site and you wouldn’t believe what people try and get away with. Then they cry foul when they get caught. Big sooky babes!

Next biggest problem is that the player won’t clearly explain what the problem is. The casino or sportsbook can’t help if you don’t clearly tell them what the problem is. Again we have first-hand experience here. Every day we receive at least one email with the word “HELP” in it. Nothing else, no other information. Just the word “HELP”.

So we email them back and ask what they need help with. Our standard line is; “Please provide more information. We have no idea what you need help with?”

And they respond with; “I told you I need help. It won’t work.”

Now we usually pursue the matter to find out what the problem is. However, most casino and sportsbook staff just won’t bother. And I don’t blame them one bit.

So, assuming you have tried every means possible to resolve your problem yourself, and if you have provided the casino or sportsbook with as much information as they would need to rectify your problem, then you should contact one of the following sites.

Casinomeister – Bryan at Casinomeister has been able to help resolve problems for quite a few gamblers, check out the “Player Arbitration Service” section on the site.

GoneGambling – We’ll help you out only if you’re having problems with a casino who advertises on the Gone Gambling Site. We don’t have the time or resources to wage war on your behalf with a casino we have never even heard of. The sites above are much more geared towards fighting the good fight for you.