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    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    Hi I am going to try and send now. glglglgl
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    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    I have over 13,040,000 that I have worked so hard for, giving to anyone in need. Vickie
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    Earthquake Tourny

    Team players needed for tournament.....contact oddball143 in tourney room.
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    Moon Rocket

    Teams need players for tourney. May can get help if you do not have enough gg;s. Win gg points. P;ease help support the site.
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    Players needed for team tourney, game is earthquake.
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    =Closed= Labor Day Guessing Game

    my picks are; Health care workers Law enforcement Education Military Food
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    Players needed for tourney , come to oddities team. Vickie
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    Chat is On Now !

    chat chat DEE Cannot get back into chat??
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    Results / August Tournament Triathlon

    Dee, I should be 4th not 5th? Vickie
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    Tournament Games

    Earthquake tournament ready to start at midnight. Players always needed and plenty of room for new teams. Join in the fun and excitement plus winning lots of gg points. Come on down and glglglgl to all.
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    Stormy Weather

    Hit SW Jackpot for 80,000 plus yesterday. It sure felt good lol...GLGLGL to all..
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    Tournament Games

    I am so tired of players joining in tourneys and not finishing . There has to be a way to stop this? Dee and Deb do you have any suggestions? This is so unfair to the other players. Thanks for listening..... Vickieaka babyspet2
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    TS Barry

    Look out Gulf Coast we are about to get drenched. My brother-in-law says they are out of power in ponchatoula,la already. Getting boat ready in case needed. It appears the whole gulf coast will be floating and New Orleans the worse as they had 10 inched of rain yesterday. To all our gg friends...
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    July Tournament Triathlon - iNetBet! Sponsored

    This really screwed me up as I saw kidnapped first, then I go to play earthquake and it started 2 days ago:(:(
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    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 6/21/2019

    Thank God you and everyone are ok...…..