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    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    I Tried to gift you but: Receiver Hasn't been a member for long enough to receive a gift
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    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    I so agree babyspet2. It has taken me years, and more years to earn my points. Playing tournaments each and EVERY week, for so long time to get there, just to see them go up in the air. Im still sad about this. Lars
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    I'm giving ALL my gg's away

    As the site is sold back to Bryan, my points will be worthless and can't be carried over to the new platform, So im sad to say, that all my 5 million gg's are up for grabs. Are you in need, just ask. Lars ps kikki1 has 8 ,5 million gg's - you can also ask her for points :mad:
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    we are going on vacation

    Team Rock me baby wont participate in this weeks tourney, as we cant promise to finish. We are going to Hamburg sunday for 4 nights. We will be back NeXT week. Good luck to our team members Lars
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    CS down??

    My 75,000 ggs have been withdrawn from my playing accont and cs is working for now. TY for all your help DEE Go for it Sandie
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    CS down??

    Sandie im so sorry, you also have problems with cs. But somehow it helps me, to know other have problems. I have almost done everything in the World i could think of to fix this problem. I even drove to my mother in law, and tried her pc. Still no luck. Now i know, it has nothing to do, with our...
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    CS down??

    Strange, i have tried everything, cleared temp and cookies, rebooted. Cant connect from my cellphone either. Hmmmm
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    CS down??

    Hi Dee No i have 55,338 ggs in my playing account. I have tried IE, firefox and chrome. It still does not Work for me Lars Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0006' Overflow: 'CInt' /games/games/cash-salad-slot/CashSalad.asp, line 1402
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    CS down??

    I haven't been able to connect to cs allday. Anyone else having problems?? Lars
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    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 8/9/2019

    Sorry to our team mates for not finishing the spins. The auto play function didnt Work for us, it kept running out of autoplay BS. i dont think we got paid for the tourney lars
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    Next weeks tourney

    The Rock me baby tournament team wont be playing NeXT week. We are going on Holiday. We will have my laptop with us, but im not sure, if we will spend any time on tournaments. Have a great summer Lars
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    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 7/12/2019

    Wow and that is after 20.000 spins
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    Results / Tournaments - Weekend of 6/21/2019

    i think, Dee totally forgot about the tourney
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    Cs is not working and yesterday earthquake tourney kept going out of auto play. Lars
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    Slotland and Winaday have changed their withdrawel policy, Now they have a min. of 100 payout by Neteller. I have a really really hard time to Cash out there now. But with this speed of the sweeps, it will go of at Christmas lol. But somehow, we kikki1/and I have pissed "Gaia" off, she cant...