Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Free GG Points

There are many games and opportunities on the GoneGambling site where you are given
the opportunity to win GG Points for free.
Bookmark this page to return to when you are low on GG Points!

Boom Or BustBoom Or Bust

Play Boom or Bust for
free every 30 minutes for the chance to win GG Points, Get-Lucky vouchers, random draw entries and onion racing bets.

Casino MatchCasino Match

Win GG Points by matching two of the same casinos. Play Casino Match for free at regular intervals to win between 20 and 200 GG Points.

Casino Ratings

Rate the GoneGambling sponsoring casinos every week to be rewarded with GG Points.

Chat – Sunday Funday

Attend GoneGambling Chat on Sunday is Funday for the chance to win random gifts of GG Points and
other prizes.


Keep one eye on the GoneGambling Forum all the time.
Often you will be made offers that can reward you with a great many points.

GoneGambling Auctions

There are often deals in the GoneGambling Auction that not only win you discounts on casino bonuses or new accounts
but may also win you either points or Get-Lucky vouchers for which in turn can win points.

Daily Points BonusDaily GG Points Bonus Game

Play for free every day to win between 5 and 100 GG Points. Playing is easy and every
player is a winner. Log in to the GG Points Bonus Game and select the onion of your choice. Click on the onion to reveal
your prize.

Free lottoFree Lotto

Play our weekly game of Free Lotto for double the chance to win GG Points. When you lodge a ticket you will automatically play a
free popup game for the chance to win up to seven feature Get-Lucky vouchers. On Sunday,
when the lotto game is drawn, you will win GG Points for every winning ticket of 2, 3, 4
and 5 numbers. You can play many lotto tickets each week.

Get LuckyGet-Lucky Game

You’ll need a game voucher to play Get-Lucky. You gain
vouchers by doing Auction deals and winning them on other games. We also award them when
we do special mailings. You may have one or more game vouchers that you haven’t yet
played. You can win from a small handful to thousands of GG Points from each and every
voucher you play.

GG Horse RacingGG Horse Racing Game

The GoneGambling Cup horse racing game will award you 3 GG Points for every losing play and many more GG Points
for winning plays. You can play for free every 15 minutes.

GG Points Gifting

Periodically GoneGambling will allow members to gift GG Points between themselves. To
see if gifting is turned on, log in to the Members Only Area and click on the gifting link.

GG TriviaGG Trivia Game

Play the GoneGambling Trivia game for free each and every day to win GG Points.

Hit Or RunHit Or Run

Six GG Point Jackpots are on offer when you play Hit Or Run.
You earn plays of the Hit Or Run game every time you place a bet of 20 GG Points or more
on the onion races. You can also be awarded plays from playing other games. Check now to
see if you have any plays available.

Penny DropPenny Drop

Play Penny Drop
for free to win GG Points prizes and bonuses with sponsoring casinos.

Popup Games – Off-site

Play the off-site Popup games also triggered by Free Lotto to win Get-Lucky vouchers.

Random Prize DrawRandom Prize Draw

Watch for your name to be drawn as the winner of four Get-Lucky vouchers. The Random Prize Box is on
the left of every page on the GoneGambling site! A new winner is drawn every few minutes.

Survey Responses

Respond to the GoneGambling Surveys to be rewarded with Get-Lucky vouchers. There may be a survey waiting for you
right now.