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  • Not sure...I do know that when I request a withdrawal from Slotland (or Winaday), I have it WIRED directly to my bank account. I know that Krystallkitty was saying they only send her checks and she was having an issue cashing them at her bank. I don't know if it depends on where you live or what. But Slotland processes withdrawals on Tuesday and it's in my bank on Thursday.
    Hope this helps and congrats again!!

    I found the Withdrawal button for sure.. Actually gonna be my first from Slotland. They are showing a check to be sent on the 21st..i wanted to ask you... Don't I remember seeing something about Slotland... A withdrawal.... And paypal all in the same post? Man that would be MUCH more convenient for me...Do you remember anything about that or am I going senile...?
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