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    me three
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    Withdawal concerns for USA players

    Electronic Transfer Works for Me Electronic Transfer Works for Me Hey all, I don't know if you remember me but I'm Jimebear...and even though I'm not around much because of my increasing care giving responsibilities, I happened to see these posts and had to put in my 2 cents worth. While I've...
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    Just Because I've Not been in Chat.....

    Hey GG family! Just because I haven't posted in a while or been in Funday Sunday Chat night, doesn't mean I haven't been BEHIND the scenes "SUPPORTING" our GG sponsored casinos. And boy have I been supporting them, over and over and over again. Until FINALLY, I got something descent enough to...
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    Sweeps update

    I'm in Shock! I'm in Shock! WOW! I feel so bad that I've been out of touch with my GG family...with moving and all and now I win the big Winaday sweeps for over $500!! Thanks Deeds, Deb (and you too John)! Even though I haven't been in chat, I still support our GG casinos....and now to play...
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    Winnings were in my bank today (Saturday) and I looked very carefully and there was nothing at all about a maximum "per spin while on bonus" policy. Whew! Good luck, Jimebear
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    Well, It's about time!! Casino Max and I'm back on Track! Well, It's about time!! Casino Max and I'm back on Track! Hey all, Where the hell has everyone been???:confused: Ok, so I've been on hiatus (not really; my care giving responsibilities have increased). I've also been on a major...
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    Cheer up Greedy! I thought you would be excited! :D:D:D Love always, Jimebear :crazy:
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    Bitcoin Update

    Hey guys, Just following up on my bitcoin process. Keep in mind that I haven't set up for buying through bank account or credit card to make deposits at casino. The main reason I opened a bitcoin account was because it was the only way I could cash out from the casino since their minimum is...
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    Sweeps question...

    Let me chime in and say that I entered the sweeps at the very beginning and got bonus points every time. I entered all within a few minutes so don't know if anything happened after that time. Have a good week ya'll! Jimebear
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    You go boy!! :wine::booze::puke: Better late than never! Keep up the good luck! Jimebear
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    BOB! BOB! BOB!

    For over the decade I've been a GG member, BOB has been wound tighter than a skeeter's ass in a nose dive!.....but all that changed tonight. I was awarded 10,000 gg points for the first time ever! Even though it figures out to be an average of less than a thousand points a year, I'm not...
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    Site Re-boot

    Well butter my butt, and call me a biscuit!!!:D I'll say you gave it a re-boot!! Things are faster than than green grass through a goat!! :puke: You deserve a cut of someone who is winning at the casino (hint: ChrisNoble) I love you more than my luggage! Jimebear
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    mine are too now...(as soon as I posted wouldn't you know)!!
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    yes it would appear so with me as well....can't get into tourney games.
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    So glad you posted Chris! I loved the details and just amazing you could do that with such a small deposit, but it can and does happen! You have a great memory by the way!! ;) Congrats and keep us poor folks updated on how the withdrawal goes. I know there was a maximum per week for my $11K...