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Pickled Onion
is there something that has to be turned on to see when a comment is made on a blog or can someone point me to the blog instruction page or help
I have looked and can't find it
I see a comment on my blg once it is open yet if just scrolling it shows no comments
ANy help appreciated


Super Moderator
hi doc,

I was looking into your blog question and noticed that your blog was not listed on the bottom of the main forum page along with other's blogs. As a moderator I was able to find and read your blogs but did not notice that others probably couldn't until looking into the matter today. I also see that only Greedy, Bryan and I had viewed your blogs. (by the way, Greedy had commented on one of your entries)
I have a feeling nobody can see them except administration personel due to your blog settings. Could you go to your profile page/blog dashboard and check out your blog settings to make sure that you are allowing what readers you want to be able to view and comment?

pm me and let me know how things work out.

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