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Pickled Onion
I'm sure I'll be saying this with every blog entry, but it's a fact: Time is just whizzing by far too fast and the panic has set in. How will I get everything done???

Here's a SMALL glimpse of my 'to-do' list:

  • Write the copy for our website--an extension of our invitation. Bryan (Casinomeister, GG-owner) has generously offered to set up the site, but he needs the copy to get started...and I can't send the invites off until this is done!
  • Get the invitations sent out (of course, I still have to receive them back from the printer before I can do so ANS Bryan has to set up the website AND I have to write the copy so he can, blah, blah, blah!)
  • Order the cake (need to find a great cake place).
  • Order flowers (need to find a great florist)
  • Figure out where exactly we'll be having our wedding lunch (just a small tidbit to worry about!)
  • Arrange transportation for the 70 - 80 guests we'll be having. The one double-decker bus in Vegas is already spoken for on the day of our wedding. Bastards!
  • Sort out gifts for our guests.
  • Hire help for the big day.
  • And all sorts of other lesser-important worries, including attire for Joe and myself!

Yup. There's an incredible amount of work to be done and I'm really only scratching the surface.

To help get stuff done, I'm taking my second trip in less than a month back to Las Vegas. This time, I'll be winging it alone, as it does seem that when left to my own devices I'm able to get stuff done far more expeditiously.

I'll be leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) and returning Friday. In less than 40 total hours, my goals are to:

  • See the actual wedding venue in person (only seen photos, so need to get a better sense of what I'm dealing with).
  • Nail down a florist.
  • Have the cake ordered.
  • Find where the heck we're having lunch and get a contract drawn up!
  • Hopefully pick up my wedding invitations (a good friend of mine who is a printer and lives in Vegas is doing the invites as a wedding gift for Joe and I. Incredibly sweet!).
  • And if there's any time leftover, maybe even get a few hours sleep!

This isn't gonna be a fun trip to Vegas by any means, but it IS a necessary trip. With any luck, this will be the last trip I'll have to take there before my good friend's wedding reception which is just two weeks before our wedding. The costs of these trips are adding up. When I went a few weeks ago, I drove. Joe and I stayed at Harrah's Ak-Chin resort (just outside Phoenix) overnight and in the morning, I dropped Joe off at his sister's to stay the weekend while I drove off to Vegas. My best friend drove in to Vegas from Los Angeles, where we DID get a fair amount done, but to be honest, I hadn't seen her since January...and we were in Vegas, for crying out loud! It was a bit of a party trip!

Anyhow, after a few days in Vegas, I drove back to Phoenix to pick Joe up and we spent another night at Ak-Chin. Don't forget--Ak-Chin is a casino resort, meaning not only was I losing money in Vegas, I was also losing money in Ak-Chin!

This time around, I'm flying to Vegas. The drive there is just grueling, taking nearly 13 hours and by no means is it all that economical when you total things up. Flying is certainly more expensive (about $500 round trip each time), but a two-hour flight compared to a 13 hour drive, well, it's worth every penny.

A funny/wanna-strangle-Joe side note to all of this: When I was making my reservations for my flights a couple weeks ago, Joe asked me how long I would be in Vegas. I told him I was going to be gone for two nights and that should be enough time to get things done. He sort of whined that I would be in Vegas for 'that much time', but he accepted it. Today when I was going over everything with him that needed to be done, Joe asked, "why are you only going for two days? You'll never get everything done. Don't you think you should have made the trip a little longer so you can get everything done???"


So there you have it. My most recent ramblings about this crazy wedding that is coming all-too-soon.

With any luck, we'll all survive! :crazy::crazy::crazy: