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Road trips


Pickled Onion
The wife got up yesterday morning early
She then woke me up to fired eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, fried potatoes, Toast, hot coffee and a cold glass of milk that she had put in the freezer to get really cold
What a way to start a day off
After we finished eating, we got ready and took off
The day could not have been better . It was over cast and about 75 F
We dropped the top and away we went ,staying off the interstate and traveling less traveled roads
We made it thru several small towns we had never been to, slowing down to look at some of the old buildings and odds and ends we saw as we passed by
Made about a 450 mile journey and yes, we did have to stop by a casino before getting back home
Just getting out and taking different roads is an adventure in itself and a lot of fun . I really think we could have bypassed the casino and would not have missed it one bit
In todays times it seems just abut anything you do cost an arm and a leg for entertainment
Getting out and taking road trips is about he cheapest thing you can do
Hope this will put some of you in the mood to do the same thing and have fun doing it


Pickled Onion
WIll surprise you one day

It is not that big a deal for us to roll each other out to the car ,crawl in and take off and drive 6 or 700 miles
Once you are all settled in with the married life and get your death trap housing taken care of
and all your other problems resolved we will show up and say WEES IS HERE
Maybe meet for a meal or a coffee or tea and visit a little
Would have replied sooner but I had a glitch and thanks to DEDEE she fixed it