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We love to go


Pickled Onion
As some of you know the wife and I love to go
We have had a Miata for several years
We wore one out by driving it everywhere with Top down even in rain, snow and sleet
rarely was it ever put up
We are now retired so we have to take better care of this one
We have made a lot of runs of 700 to 900 miles drives in 12 hours or so
Some of these trips we would get back home just in time to shower and get to work
Some were just to gamble in a casino we had not been in and some just going
I urge all of you to get out and even if it is just a road near by that you have never driven down just take off on it .You may be surprised at what you see or where you may end up at by the end of a day
We rarely plan where we are going and this is one reason we end up miles from home
A slow drive down back roads and a full tank of gas with a couple of sandwiches
and some iced down drinks can end you up a long way from home
This is a cheap date and can put some romance back into your life and marriage
Latter I will tell about some of our drives and using GPS


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