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    Thanks.. Thanks.. I appreciate all the support. I feel like I have been ran over by trucks, trains and automobiles. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger so I should be superwoman after this is over. Vee
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    I finally landed in the hospital for eight nights with an antibiotic resistant blood infection. Came home Friday night with an IV infusion set up that I have to use 3 times a day for a few more days to make sure all the bacteria have been killed. Still weak but here... Vee
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    Not Doing Well...

    Thanks... Thanks... Thanks, Thomasina. Taz has been very clingy since I have been sick. I think he senses that something is wrong. He's doesn't go out nearly as much as he did. It is soothing to rub him so he will definitely get a pat from you. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. I...
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    Not Doing Well...

    Re: Re: The last blood work didn't show any additional problems but my ultrasound was cancelled. My insurance denied another because they did one last week. I am being referred to a GI specialist who will handle this issue from here on out. Thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts. Vee
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    throat surgery

    Good To Hear I am glad that you were able to get good care at the V.A. It seems the level of care varies from region to region. Happy that you were able to get your treatment and are doing okay. Vee
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    Not Doing Well...

    Thanks, Doc Thanks, Doc Actually, I haven't been with this doctor long and she has reduced some of my meds already. I am still waiting for the results of the additional bloodwork they did yesterday. I have another ultrasound scheduled tomorrow which hopefully will shed some light on the...
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    Not Doing Well...

    More Test Results More Test Results I got the blood tests results yesterday and as I suspected, the kidney cysts are not causing all of my symptoms. My liver enzymes are elevated and I have to go next week for more blood tests and an ultrasound on my liver. The worst part of this is that my...
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    Not Doing Well...

    Test Results Test Results Thanks for all the support. I got the results of the ultrasounds yesterday. I have cysts on my kidneys. The nurse who called me with the results said it was nothing acute and my bloodwork wasn't available yet. I googled kidney cysts and found that can cause the pain...
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    Not Doing Well...

    About three weeks ago, I started having pains in my upper right abdomen. After a few days, the pain had spread to various parts of my abdomen/pelvis and back. The pain would go from upper right to upper left abdomen. Then to lower right and lower left. Under my arms and down my sides. Same pains...
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    Jackpot keno

    Re: Re: Hi Mamalew - Support members really can't do anything regarding this problem but I just wanted to acknowledge your post. I am sure the problem will be attended to ASAP. Vickie/veebot - GG Member Support
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    GetLucky Mailing/Day 5 of Greedy and Joe's GoneGambling Wedding Reception!!!

    Re: Re: Maybe you missed the announcement but the good news is that Greedy is now the owner of GoneGambling.
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    GetLucky Mailing/Day 1 of Greedy and Joe's GoneGambling Wedding Reception!!!

    Re: Re: Wow!!! What a story. Somewhere there is a Hollywood movie producer waiting to make the best romantic/wedding comedy ever out of Deb and Joe's story.
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    Re: Re: Best wishes, Deb! And congratulations to your groom. Vee
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    Interesting News!!!

    Great News! Great News! Very happy for you and you do have a new baby in a way; GoneGambling! Does John know? I am sure he would be happy. Vee