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Past and Present......


Pussy Willow
Reading the Newsletter this past week, I begin thinking and remembering (that can be a dangerous thing for me)!

Being a member over 10 years, I remember there was a time when:

1. There were no WEEKLY tournaments.
2. Gifting was unheard of.
3. Get lucky vouchers were only given on your birthday and/or if you deposited and did a "deal"at sponsored casinos.
(By the way, BOB gave the same results, except GAIA was meaner; at least now you are "blessed").
4. There was no Sunday Funday chat and when it was established, there was no roll call. The only prizes given were by GAIA; members chatted and just enjoyed "coffee talk"!
5. There were so many casinos and deals before the U.S. was banned.
6. Members cheated by opening multiple and bogus accounts under GG and casinos and were banned permanently and/or suspended as a result. There names were listed for all to see and written about (sometimes extensively by John in a newsletter).

Some of you might say I'm kissing butt, but sometimes we have to look back to appreciate what we have now. I think it's true in life as well.

There is no membership fee involved with GG.
You don't have to play at a casino to be a member.
You can share your personal thoughts and problems and get support from your GG family or you can choose not to participate in anything and just play the games.
GG has weathered, and still weathers the up and down online casino storms which is amazing in itself.

To me, GG is a great place to play games and win points; make friends as well as say good bye to old ones.

I get very excited when I hit a big Borg jackpot during the WEEKLY tourney for the team, even though there is no money involved.
Being a care giver, I've come back to be involved in Sunday chat because it gives me an escape from the pain and emotions of dealing with a loved one with Alzheimers.

Personally, I freaked a little when I saw the forum change even though we had warning. It was different, it was change, it was scary, but it was progress.
I said I'd never post anything because I'm not very computer literate, but I started slowly and read to get the basics down. If I had a question or there was a glitch, I just ask Jeff, or Deeds or Greedy.

As you know, I learned how to post screen shots and I like being able to do that. I think we gamblers can all appreciate seeing those symbols line up even if it wasn't you; I know I love to see them regardless and now the new forum gives us that capability.

I've also been lucky enough to be able to use bonuses and even high roller bonuses and cash out some nice wins. But being a gambler a lot of times I give it back either by not cashing out, or getting on losing streaks.

All said, it's a great place to meet fellow gamblers and have some fun and laughs and be able to get a bonus boost at the casinos when I play.

Greedy has always made it clear she welcomes feedback on anything and everything that can make GG an even better place and as you can see over the past years, has done a remarkable job.
Sometimes I feel like I take her and this site for granted and I would have such a void if I signed on and there was no more GG.

Good luck all and have a good week!